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Destination sign FAIL !


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Here's two from June 2013:

  • SMART #23308: The entire thing is shifted a bit too high. I've already posted another photo of this taken a few seconds later back when I first joined (over on the SMART thread), but I uploaded this to give you a better look at the destination sign.
  • SMART #23361: The "E" in "WYANDOTTE" is cut off for some reason.

In addition, every rear destination sign on the entire SMART fleet has been broken for a few years (blame it on those brutal Michigan winters and potholes!), as a result, it may be interesting to see some of them, with permanently-stuck flip-dot displays!



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The side destination sign (for the route number) was displaying the destination as well...Didn't work too well.

5756213919_4a36c992c3.jpgKing County Metro route sign FAIL by zargoman, on Flickr

The formatting is a little screwy on this sign; half of it is blank

13764167303_23fa14a6e2.jpgSound Transit 2012 Gillig Low Floor Hybrid 9212P by zargoman, on Flickr

This sign is crooked

8593974834_81b02a851e.jpgKing County Metro 1999 New Flyer D60 2326 by zargoman, on Flickr

Route number is way too small for this sign

6923895911_826879be33_n.jpgKing County Metro 1999 New Flyer D60 2300 by zargoman, on Flickr

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Just now, OCTranspo/STO Fan said:

But seriously though, that is somewhat common with STO Balios signs. They looked like they came out of '96 or '97 Classics.

Well, the ex-Calgary Classics look like the all got part from retired classics. 9131 & 9134 have Balios signs.

BTW, Please PM me this in the future because this is going off topic.

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