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Guelph Fire Department

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We only have 2 yellow trucks left. P-7 and T-1.

P-7 is our oldest truck, it is a 1987 Mack, and T-1 is a 1998 International.

The rest are red and a few white smaller units.

We only have 1 big guy and he is a 1990 Grumman.

Yous may have herd of the fires that happened in 2008/2009.

Most were in my area and I woke up to smoke in my room a lot.








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Nice rigs, thanx for sharing

Who did the bodywork on the Mack (looks like HUB) and on the tanker (sweet rig btw)

Noticed another city with the steel ladder on the platform, I've only seen aluminum twice now, Saskatoon and Regina (ex Winnipeg)

The Mack is a HUB we have a few more units but I didn`t want to go to the other stations.

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P-7 the 1987 Mack retired this year and was replaced by two 2011 Spartans. (P-3 and P-6)

A-1 is the oldest in service unit. Its a 1990 Grumman Aerialcat. T-1 the 1993 International is the last yellow fire truck left in the city.



Ex-P-3 now numbered P-1


Ex-P-6 now numbered P-7


Ex-P-1/P-11 now numbered P-8 and is a spare.


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The 1994 Duplex models have since been retired and sold. P-4 is now P-8 and a new P-4 has arrived in its place and was renumbered P-5. The other P-5 has been renumbered to P-4. The P-3 which was renumbered from P-1 to P-9 and is a last resort truck. P-7 was renumbered from P-1 which was P-2 and a new P-2 was acquired. A-1 was renumbered A-6 for the time being and P-6 was numbered to P-1. Those two have since been numbered back to A-1 and P-6. The fire van and the motor home have been reassigned to different duties. A new command centre was bought last year and is a Hino. The fire cheif is a new Chevrolet with a new livery to it. Newer trucks so far have been rebranded in the new livery starting with A-1 then P-3 and P-6. P-4 and P-5 are expected to be rebranded. There have been a few second hand purchases as well from Guelph Eromosa Fire as well.

Attached image of P-3 in the newer livery.


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On 5/25/2017 at 0:37 PM, TheAverageJoe said:

Should update it if you like , they love updates

I will very soon. I am nearly finished it on here. Also R-4 a 2017 Rosenbauer Commander was delivered a few weeks ago. It is undergoing pre-service work.

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A new engine was delivered and numbered P-1. It is a 2018 Rosenbauer Avenger and is in a modified livery. This is a custom built pumper. I would assume P-9 the 1998 Saulsbury will retire and the renumbering from P-7 to P-9 will happen. P-1 will become P-7, and the other P-7 will be P-8 and so on.

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