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Out of ordinary Calgary Transit bus spottings

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2 hours ago, BC_YYC said:

I believe the 14 St N programming does exist but I believe the CAD does not automatically change the sign so the code is rarely used 

Should've just been 14 St W in the first place

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17 minutes ago, DB 1999 said:

That's probably due to bus shortage. And also it changed of bus 8351

No unrelated to any bus shortage, it was due to the location of man power given that there are standby operators at vp this weekend 

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21 hours ago, TechSpotlight said:

8144 on the 68 this morning.








Since it wasn’t mentioned, 6011 did the 96 yesterday afternoon for about an hour, being the changeoff bus for 7873.

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15 minutes ago, ProfessorWho said:

8362 on the 14 this morning covering for the regular VP Artic run


8367 is also on the 14 this AM

To add to the out of the ordinary sightings:


8441 on the MT/117/6 (first time a non demo CNG has done the MT from what I recall)

8201 on the 117/305

8403 on the AM 2 

8466 on the 111

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