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Out of ordinary Calgary Transit bus spottings

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24 minutes ago, Imgursdownvote4love said:

7601 was on a 118 this morning, making it display as a Spring Gardens bus on Transit55

Yes that, but I think the reason 7601 is displaying as a Spring bus is that it was sitting at SG for around 15 mins at around 3:00pm, I don’t recall it saying it was an SG bus before that but I could be wrong.

Anyway, 8006 is on the 111 this afternoon.  Photo coming shorty...

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3 minutes ago, Imgursdownvote4love said:

It wasn't yesterday, and all (active) 7600s are supposed to be Stoney buses

By “before”, I mean earlier today.  But more likely than not, it’s parked there for maintenance or an inspection.  I saw a few Novas parked at Spring 2 weeks ago, again probably for maintenance.

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8064 is on a 439/454.  For some reason it isn't showing up on the tracker.

As promised, here is 8006 on the 111 yesterday.  This bus was running with a VP key, an SG bus and a Stoney driver.  The bus was parked overnight at Stoney and was sent out on a Stoney 174 key this morning.

Calgary Transit 8006.jpg

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25 minutes ago, School Bus 101 said:

7671 is on a late night 74 block until 1:20am. 

I'm curious why Stoney buses are on these shuttle runs tonight, including 8382 on the 118, and I guess the couple from Monday out of Anderson and Stoney. It is from a lack of drivers both shuttle and big bus at SG? In the past, they would be SG big buses to cover these shuttle runs.

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2 hours ago, TechSpotlight said:

7897 on a shuttle 148 block this evening.

7767 on a shuttle 65 block this evening.

7784 on a shuttle 112 block this evening.

7959 on an artic 3 block after 6035 was changed off.



Plus ....

7881 on the 10

8001 on the 31

8026 on the 65

8091 on the 40

8095 on the 123

8272 on the 302

8311 on the 32

8345 on the 40

all on shuttle blocks 

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1 hour ago, armorand said:

Well this is a first...


Seeing big buses on shuttle runs is very common place now.  It is not mandatory for shuttle drivers to show up on weekdays unless they are assigned on a key.  Weekends are different, which is why you don’t see as many big buses on shuttle runs on the weekend.

Speaking of big buses on shuttle runs, 7997 is on the 98/453/156.  This one was also on a shuttle 10 block yesterday.

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42 minutes ago, Nick B said:

Nah it's not a first. Almost certainly not the last either on that route.

Well its a first for me, since I moved here. :P was just surprised to see one on the 167/168. I've seen nothing but arbocs on that route, whenever I'm at Somerset (7am and 6pm). 

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