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I do, as he is a trusted professional in the transit vehicle maintenance field. I agree with him that your post was rather pointless.

I just retired, 30 years service, from MiWay (Feb 28/18).  Now I'm proud to say my son just got hired by HSR.  Starts training on Mar 12.

Your post is pointless. Then how would you like it if I deleted my account from this website?

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Honestly if the Danso HVAC unit cant correct the poor A/C circulation inside these Novas, than the problem is more so related to a flaw in the design of the LFS series overall. Carrier HVAC units are pretty damn bad in the LFS, while Thermo King makes good products but even that couldnt correct the issues.

I dont know what Danso units are all about, but i'm curious to see how they perform.

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In my opinion, It’s a design flaw. There’s not much lining between the engine and the passenger area which makes the rear of the interior hot. Heat gets into the bus also from the lack of engine ventilation. 

New flyer has way more vents and a better fan system than nova. Maybe nova can design a fan system that is lower and closer to the engine to help the heat escape before it rises into the bus?

I don’t think it’s anything to do with the air conditioning unit, I’ve ridden on 1511 during a hot day with it’s new Denso unit and it didn’t feel any different from the others. 

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If the Denso units aren't correcting the heat issues, than it's most definitely a design flaw.

I dont know how much a new fan design will help in this mater, because frankly Nova cramps the engine into such a small compartment (compared to virtually every other bus manufacturer) so it doesnt give much space between the rear of the bus. I guess that's why the back seats always feels like one is always sitting on a sauna. This is where having an extra 1 foot of space really comes in handy on a 40 foot bus design. Orion made ~42 foot long buses, New Flyer ~41 foot.

The thing that irritates me is how NovaBus wouldn't check these poor air flow circulation issues in their product testing. Either they found it and ignored the issue, or just geuninely dont know about it which i highly doubt. Maybe more vents would help, but clearly Nova doesnt seem to care much.

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1 hour ago, ViaRail6440 said:

Hi All:

Looking through some old HSR pictures and noticed that the 14xx's CNG Xcelsiors have a plaque/info label to the right of the passenger headlight in between the license plate. Does anyone know what it says, or have a detailed picture?

Instructions for use of the bike rack. All HSR buses have them installed.

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DE60LFR 0610 has returned to service today on the 10, 55 and 58 after being down since September.

Edit-On December 29th, 0615 also returned to service on the 2 after also being down since September as well.

Edited by CLRV4094
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On 1/11/2021 at 2:08 PM, H4 5600 said:

Vicinity 1840 is tracking on the 2 barton.



I saw it yesterday at Barton and Woodward running mostly empty. Very weird.

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On 1/13/2021 at 4:40 PM, newflyerinvero said:

Just seen a few minutes ago, via Transee, that 2009 DE60LFR #922 is on 44-Rymal.

It’s more than likely a regular assignment due to COVID. It shows, twice, that run was assigned 1210, then changed off with an artic, and 1606, then was changed off with an artic. It’s got an artic on it tonight as well. 

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