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King County Metro - Seattle, Washington

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As promised, here's a shot from inside Bellevue Base  

Yes, when I saw that on the news this morning, I was stunned.  It's just devastating news.  Zack was truly a bus and train aficionado. I have always enjoyed his contributions here on the forum.  I'v

Bought a new scanner (finally) about a month ago and  started scanning part of my collection which included King County Metro over the past few days. TDH4517 465 Trolley coaches

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Hi all good everyone, I saw the check on the internet for the CPTDB Wiki list on the bus for KCM except coach 8000’s, 8100’s, and  8200’s New Flyer Xcelsior XDE60. The last 4 days and yesterday, who person change the list update about two time list some half year coach 8000’s and 8200’s and I don’t know about who the other person fixed list they did the thing? Okay, alright, please do not change the update list the bus, coach both 8000’s and 8200’s and short 8100’s follow in rules detail it could not permission editor wiki for an update an issue and I am not involved CPTDB Wiki and but because I usually on Web CPTDB Wiki forums. May, if they are behavior, wouldn’t permit list editor matter and I won’t be bothered about most our with this King County Metro during together in Seattle Area. Thanks.





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To whomever has the permission to edit this page: https://cptdb.ca/wiki/index.php/King_County_Metro_Transit_2000-2201

I recently felt the slight urge to remind you to enter in the fact that Coach 2181 of the MAN SG 310 fell off the Aurora bridge in 11/27/98

You have seemed to include other accidents in seires pages, I was wondering if you could involve this one in the page.

Best regards.




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darn, 242 is another nice route that I missed

27 minutes ago, Atomic Taco said:


The link pages also led me down a rabbithole of potential new service changes, including a new Route 322 and 361, but also meant that routes 41 and 316 would be deleted, which would make it harder to get to seahawks games, and route 316 is the oinly time I get to see a de60lf in person. also, route5X changing to route 16X?

I dont know how I feel about that last one, as its basically changing a number.

322 seems to go to kenmore to roosevelt area, which is new i guess. 361, you can basically already do with transfers, but "LINK LITE RALE BETTER!"

ALso route 361 reminds me of  360, could you tell me where 360 went? I forgot.

i see that youre a seattle editor, could you read the post above the one you resopionded to please?

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2 hours ago, Kennys bus drawings said:

why? out of 300 buses, why does 12 have a different reader board than the rest of the luminator horizons in the entire fleet? hmm

product testing?

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3 hours ago, Kennys bus drawings said:

also, what happened to the teal buses? none of the 81000s or 8200s have them, and the 8000s seem to be the last buses to get teal. hmmm.

The bus, coach number 8084 - the last color is teal always. 8100's and 8200's only still both green and blue.

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Photo required?

Thursday, September 17, 2020. 20:54 pm. 

Renton Transit Center.

rt. 169 (7228) XDE40 Renton TC then and again come back to Kent turn to the last rt. 166 the last way to Burien TC.  2015 Bus. The last day route 166 and 169 farewells. The staff can copy the input list coach number 7200-7259

https://cptdb.ca/wiki/index.php/King_County_Metro_Transit_7200-7259  please? Thank you.


Friday, September 18, 2020. 17:51 pm.

Kent Station.

KCM, rt. 164 (7165) Orion VII EPA10 HEV. 2012 Bus. The bus from Kent Station to Green River College, Auburn, WA. The last day route 164 farewells.

The bus for KCM, coach number 7094-7199, the staff can copy the input list, please? Thank you.




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6 hours ago, Kennys bus drawings said:

love it when 2797 takes my street to north base lol, kinda cool to see a de60lf for once way after the discontinuation of route 316, which mainly used de60lfs

Whatever happened to bus #7000?

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26 minutes ago, Kennys bus drawings said:

Also, what is a "center park" bus? What was the 3198-99 buses used for? Where does center park go and what purpose does it serve? File:King County Metro Transit 3199-a.jpg

Center Park is an apartment complex that had its own "route" with no fixed times or destinations.  It has since been discontinued

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