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Orion VIII

King County Metro - Seattle, Washington

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25 minutes ago, V3112 said:

Does Metro release ridership breakdowns on a per-route basis? e.g. Route 7 had an average weekday ridership of xyz in 2017, the total number of boardings on Route 7 was xyz in 2017. I'd especially like to see a further ridership breakdown across different times (average/total number of boardings during peak, off-peak and evening)


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7 hours ago, 118 Vashon via EXPRESS said:

I was looking at the site in Google Maps and saw a GMC Newlook at the entrance to the site.  No obvious clues as to who previously operated it.

Wow!  Yeah.  I wonder...   You know, I wonder if that was one of the 4501 (not 4501  ...5301?) series that was left over from Metropolitan?  From what I remember, it seemed there was one 40-footer fishbowl that had a manual transmission (but most of the manuals were 35-footers).  

There reason it struck something in my memory is that two or three of the fishbowls with manuals had shifters that would stick.  I remember we had to get out and take a wheel block and hit the linkage in a certain spot to free up the shifter.  We'd leave the engine compartment door loose like it's pictured in that Google street view image (HERE) as it was easier the next time to lift up the door and smack it when it happened again.  That door being ajar is what jogged something.

edited:  no, disregard.  The more I think about it, the bus I am remembering back on, I think, had an a/c unit on the back. 

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