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Waterloo Region Rapid Transit

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The Cambridge LRT extension's preferred routing has been updated following some feedback about avoiding Pinebush and the Delta. More public consultation is coming, but in the meantime here's an article with a grainy map. The print version of the newspaper was much clearer, but it looks like there's a broken link to the web version of the image at the moment.

In short: King, Shantz Hill, Eagle, use the old rail line from just east of King to Hespeler just south of Pinebush, Hespeler itself, then back on the rail line from just north of Dundas/Coronation down to Beverly, Beverly and Wellington in to Ainslie Terminal. Serving all the stops that the 200 does now, plus one at Eagle and King.

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Offloaded this morning:


Sorry about the video quality, Galaxy S7 + Facebook Live = Disappointment (apparently).

Edit:  Reports on another forum are that this link to the FaceBook Live video doesn't work, despite the fact that the video is set as 'Public'.  Sorry all!  If you do use Facebook, you can find it in the "I Support Light Rail Transit in the Region of Waterloo" group.

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The turn out exceeded expectations to the point there was a 90 minute wait for the people outside to see the car and 1,000 already past through the car at 2 pm.They had already ran out of material for the public in many locations when I left.

Trying to get a good shot or video was low before the start of the tour for me. Trying to get that one great shot was going to be a hit and miss. Some people who wanted that great shot were bitching about people being in the way and hope the turn out was lowers.

Some of the management team for TTC cars were there from Thunder Bay who were handing out photos of the car. They were in Kingston on Friday looking at the work going one. The Edmonton 7 section 35 m car will be built in Kingston.

Take thing with salt as the comments change with various BBD Staff, but 502 is due in July, 503 & 504 in construction phase, 505 frames are being assembly. Some of The driver cab display screens were missing with blank material in them.

99.95% of concrete that is to be pour for the tracks is done, with the rest to be finish next week or soon.

Most of the track signaled system was on with either red lights or the stop bar showing.

Only parts of Charles and King St missing the overhead with the rest in place.

None of the platforms are completed, with Northfield being the first stop to have working next train time and clock in place.

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On 7/14/2017 at 9:33 PM, soo8513 said:

Was in Waterloo yesterday (July 13) at 85 & Northfield . ION right-of-way looks close to complete. How close are they to complete Phase 1?  How optimistic is GRT to open ION on schedule?

When I was there about 5 weeks or so ago there was still work to be done

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