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I thought "trio" stood for all the free transportation with the University of Waterloo, Wilfred Laurier & Conestoga College :D

Can't be Kitchener, Waterloo & Cambridge, cause Cambridge isn't getting it! :P

I actually like "White Elephant Transit" ....aka "WET"

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Waterloo LRT will connect 349 malls across Canada


A prototype for the world’s first mall-on-rails, based out of Waterloo, Ontario. The Great Canadian Mall Trail will not only connect 349 malls across the country, but will also function as a stand-alone mall itself.

After decades of discussion, LRT plans are finally in motion. Waterloo Transit will soon begin construction of a railed pathway between Conestoga and Fairview, allowing consumers to travel faster than ever before between the two malls.

Only a 7 minute rapid transit ride away, Conestoga Mall will essentially become an extension of Fairview Mall. However, according to project managers, this will be an enhanced travel-shopping experience. Consumers will be treated to free samples and topical coupons during the connection trip. What’s more: LRT designers plan to replace the windows with vending machines, which will contain groceries, various soaps, and stationary, so consumers may achieve some of their less glamorous shopping during the ride.

“I don’t see why the consumer experience should have to stop once you leave the mall,” said LRT consumer resource manager. “My vision for the LRT is a mall on rails: the most efficient shopping experience our consumers will ever have. Kitchener-Waterloo’s third mall. Maybe our best mall yet.”

But the initiative does not stop here. The Waterloo LRT has offered to extend the rail construction to any Canadian mall within a 4,000 km radius.

“The obvious result here is that even more consumerism will be brought into the malls of Kitchener-Waterloo – some of the best quality malls in the world. Of course it will be expensive. But think of the pay-off.”

The connection between Conestoga and Fairview malls is the first of 349 malls which will be joined across Canada.

“Think of it: Anything you could possibly want, only a short rapid transit ride out of reach. Every store. Every sale. Completely accessible on the Great Canadian Mall Trail. We’ll make online shopping a thing of the past.”


Someone has a great sense of humor! Love it! :)

This is totally true, right? :D


^^ LMFAO! You're not serious about that comment, are you? ^^

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Kitchener doesn't enforce any of the "Mickey Mouse" parking attempts in the downtown core! People angle park if they can't seem to get inside the lines! And, they're afraid of hitting those damn "bollards" that are in every parking space!

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Hmmmm, are we going to see this on King Street in downtown Kitchener, or anywhere else on the LRT line?

Not really a relevant example, because the Portland Streetcar runs in mixed-traffic and next to parking. The LRT system in Waterloo Region is in its own right-of-way and not next to parking.

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Cambridge mayor's LRT comments 'wrong-headed,' says Zehr

Craig wasted no time in jumping back into the debate Tuesday, telling The Morning Edition host that the region should examine all options, including looking at the cost of cancelling the entire project.

"Look at Toronto, they're just cancelling things all over the place," Craig said Tuesday.

Holy cow, had to share this. I almost died when I read that.

I mean, c'mon, isn't it great one of the world's most congested cities is cancelling projects that help solve congestion?! /s yeeeesh!

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Just to let you guys know... Northfield ION station is under construction as of now... Passed by it last night on the 9! I immediately noticed the Northfield Station Sign on the structure

...that's not the station. That's an office building called Northfield Station.

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