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Allison Transmission announces record hybrid sales

A. Wong

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One of the leading suppliers of commercial duty fully automatic transmissions and hybrid propulsion systems, Allison Transmission, has announced record hybrid sales.

The company is emerging as one of the leading suppliers to the global bus and coach market with almost 50,000 Allison transmissions sold in 2008. More than 1,800 of Allison’s two-mode hybrid systems are now in operation globally.

The company has built on the success of its performance at the 2008 Beijing Olympics where it demonstrated support for the nearly 12,000 Allison automatic equipped buses operating, helping the public transport system to run smoothly.

With growing customer demand the company also successfully partnered with several key Chinese bus manufacturers as well as being chosen exclusively for more than 200 Daewoo city buses in Korea.

Allison has also enjoyed success in India and closer to home in Europe where it is at the forefront of developing the hybrid bus market. It has collaborated with several manufacturers with the first of the new Urbino Hybrid 18 buses having been delivered in Strasbourg, France. In the UK too there are buses around featuring Allison technology thanks to a contract to supply Transport for London.

According to Lawrence Love, executive director of international marketing, Allison is responding to specific local requirements to meet global demands.

“Allison is trusted by commercial vehicle OEMs and operators around the world, and as market demand for automatics and hybrid systems continues to grow, global OEMs are expanding their Allison offerings,” he said.

“Responding to specific local requirements, backed up by local sales and engineering, Allison is globally recognised for its ability to meet stringent OEM and operator demands.”

Source: http://www.thegreencarwebsite.co.uk/blog/i...d-hybrid-sales/
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