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I would just call this new service WEST MALL SOUTH. That's the intention of this service. People can figure out where it goes from the destination.


I do think combining the Brown's Line service with this route in rush hour would provide a more reliable service to them than in the current 123 form. Have both branches of the 123A/B end at Sherway. Of course this means getting to Wal Mart would require a transfer. I'm not sure how many people use the 123 this way.

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The TTC has placed inspectors to watch the 501L service. I saw an inspector Sunday afternoon, and also the reply from the TTC about my service complaint states that.



Thank you for submitting this complaint to our office and I do appreciate your patience. 
Our staff are aware of the challenges being experienced by users of the 501 replacement bus service and Cllr Grime's letter to CEO Rick Leary. I'd like to share with you that 15 additional buses have been assigned to assist with high passenger volumes and supervisors have been assigned to report their findings to management so any areas of improvement can be brought to their attention and action be taken. 
Again your patience is appreciated with this, and I do hope that since the time of your writing you have seen an improvement.


Steve Munro has also posted an article that shows just how badly the buses were running without supervision. Headways can be anything from under a minute to over thirty minutes. Hopefully the inspectors wil sort things out somewhat.

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1 hour ago, 63 Ossington said:

Uhh, 15 additional buses? As in on top of the existing allocation? Isn't that a bit much?

Yeah, there isn't enough room on Lake Shore to park all those buses on layover. :P

I figure they mean that the allocation was bumped to 15 buses from the 8-11 that are out from morning to evening.

It's still a dysfunctional response, since the problem may not be few buses, it's buses running in pairs, taking half an hour breaks, etc. Although because it was scheduled for Windermere-Long Branch, then maybe everyone gave up even trying when the east end loop moved to Dufferin.

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