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Société des traversiers du Québec

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Various STQ news

Delivery of Armand-Imbeau II

MS Armand-Imbeau II was delivered two weeks ago to Tadoussac―Baie-Sainte-Catherine. The LNG-powered vessel was manufactured at Davie in Lévis. Jos-Deschênes II, her sister, is expected some time soon. The delivery of both ships is two years late.


New departure

A pilot project has been set up at the Entry Island―Cap-aux-Meules. A new departure, with reservation only, is now offered on Friday, around lunch time.


Both pictures taken from the STQ website.

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Since December 18th, Transportation Canada force-docked MV F. A. Gauthier. She was tugged to Davie shibuilding in Lévis on Jan. 13th, for the inspection of her faulty azimutal propelling system.

MV CTMA Vacancier is currently relieving on Matane―Baie-Comeau/Godbout, but is needed to relieve Souris, PE―Cap-aux-Meules, QC on Feb. 1st.

STQ is negociating with Labrador Marine to acquire the 48-year-old, underused, underutilized and soon-to-be-replaced MV Appolo , currently linking St. Barbe, NL to Blanc-Sablon, QC.

EDIT : They just bought it. 

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MV Apollo entered service today in Matane.

STQ is to sell MV Apollo once it acquires MV Saaremaa as a relief for NM F. A. Gauthier, and other high-volume routes.

Ironically, MV Saaremaa is a sister to Qajaq W, who replaced MV Apollo between Newfoundland and Québec.

According to Radio-Canada, the only offer STQ received for the Apollo is a request of 2M$ to get rid of her...

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