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On 7/13/2021 at 9:11 AM, smallspy said:

Considering that several railroads in the US - and CN, as well - have been reactivating locomotives over the past month or so, it stands to reason that CP will also get caught in the uplift, and may have to do the same. Some of these units may come back - but by the same token, they may not if there are other units stored elsewhere, closer to where the increases in traffic have been.



I don’t think CP SD40-2s have PTC to run in the US, heard that a couple SD40-2s went to Progress Rail in Mayfield Kentucky and few others to Cadrail in Montreal and 3 have left already from there 

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8 hours ago, TTC T6H-5307N 2252 said:

don’t think CP SD40-2s have PTC to run in the US

Per the 2021 Canadian Trackside guide, 5866, 5871-5878, 5919-6028, 6046-6049, 6055, 6060-6069, 6071-6073, 6075, 6077, 6079, 6080 were so equipped

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