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10 hours ago, Streety McCarface said:

To be fair, there is already track along most of parliament, it wouldn’t be a bad use of existing resources. Besides, the east has no direct north/south streetcar line in downtown. The west has Bathurst and Spadina. All three could potentially alleviate Bloor in some way...

 Trackage resources? Sure, they could be used.

Monetary resources? And what imaginary pot of money would you use to fund the construction?


Just because there's track there doesn't make it a good idea to use it.



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15 hours ago, skyfirenet said:

The problem with Parliament is the sections where there isn't track. You will never get streetcar tracks back on Bloor to link it to the Castle Frank on the surface and there is no room along Parliament to put in a portal to take advantage of the unused streetcar deck on the Rosedale Valley portion of the viaduct for an underground loop at Castle Frank. And that's before you start debating the issue of where the southern terminus is going to be.

Waterfront East LRT, run it into Union

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