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What are you eating right now?


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A&W for breakfast, A&W for lunch, McDonald's for snack and McDonald's for dinner and a giant whole Caramilk bar for desert. As well as lots of non diet pop.


Careful, you might get the dia-BEET-us.

A) We were at the Rideau Centre at the time, and A&W Was the closest thing

:P We were at the Promenades at the time, and the only other thing I liked there (Doesn't explain him) is Subway, which I had a lot of that week

C) He wanted a Cinemelt.

D) His dad went to McDick's.

E) Nothing wrong with a chocolate bar now and then

F) You'd be interesting to see bouncing off the walls...

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Pizza flavoured Pringles I got down in the US. They taste much better from down there than the ones we had up here. The same goes for the pizza flavour Goldfish, much better from the US. :D

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