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What are you eating right now?


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Rice Crispy Cerial and am I the only one to notice the title of this thread has a typo in it? :angry:

It says "righ" instead of "right" :)

Dude, did you not notice.

Ruffles 50% Less Sodium and a Dr. Pepper.

Oops Right* not Righ

I am eating Vector right now.

No I did.

Did I start a cereal frenzy here ???

Does that make us 'Cereal Killers???'

I'm all outta milk today....could be a good thing.

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A&W for breakfast, A&W for lunch, McDonald's for snack and McDonald's for dinner and a giant whole Caramilk bar for desert. As well as lots of non diet pop.


Careful, you might get the dia-BEET-us.

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All day today:

Work: (Ohh when I got to work, I had NOTHING to eat, so I lived of about 10 Timbits and a large tea.)

1st Break: Breakfast B.E.L.T with extra egg, sauceage and bacon. Large chocolate milk.

2nd Break: Leftovers at Breakfast menu, like a Bagel B.E.L.T on Onion bagel, with 5 pieces of sauceage on the side. Small chocolate milk.

After work - 5 mins ago: Half a Blueberry bagel toasted with creme cheese.

NOW: A banana..


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