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What are you eating right now?


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Well, I'm about to eat what brazilian and portuguese guys include in their "emmental", within about 40 minutes: "feijoada" (red beans with bits of pork meat, bacon, chorizo and cabbage. Is accompanied with simple rice (cooked apart). Want sum?


As you see, it can be accompanied with other stuff, but I prefer the simple meal... :lol: Proper experience, LOOOL

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Looks Yummy. I'm having Jordan's Morning Crisp cereal.

Earlier had garlic bread with grated old cheddar, tomato and onion.

Looks yummy AND it is yummy, GA-RAN-TEED! :lol: Hope you go someday to Brazil! They serve the best "feijoada" of the world!! They use black beans for so, while poruguese use red beans.

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