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New from Optare / NABI


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Hi all,

UK Bus maker Optare, prevously owned (I think) by North American Bus Industries, have announced that they are to bring out a brand new model in the second quarter of 2007. The new model will be known as the Optare Versa and is a cross between their Solo and Tempo models.

I haven't put pictures directly on here as they would be too large but here are the links. Make what you will of it: I think it looks fairly nice.

Front & Side: http://www.optare.com/Images/News/versa.jpg

Side View: http://www.optare.com/Images/News/versa2.jpg

Front View: http://www.optare.com/Images/News/versa3.jpg

Rear View: http://www.optare.com/Images/News/versa4.jpg

But the design reminds me slightly of this - http://buses.fotopic.net/p8816601.html - which I photoed in Amsterdam, Holland back in November 2004. Nonetheless a nice effort from Optare though, IMO.

Any thoughts?


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I don't know why you said that they are keeping it(Orion). Go to page 25(or 26) in the ets photos and discussion thread and find the red bus picture towards the top of the page. That's the new Orion 7. Doesn't look like a kleenex box to me, far from it.

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