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rate the signature above you.


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10/10! So uhhhh whats the limit where the bus cant get more than ginormagantic size???? :lol: i ask because well, I cant imagine the biggest swiss bus only having a quarter of it parked in my drive way! :P

Well, all I can say about it is on your second paragraph; the biggest bus in activity at swiss lands is - if there's something that escapes from my knowledge - the Setra S431 DT.

That thing is HUGE!...

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EHEM! I guess you were supposed to rate it now, but well, here's the update...

10/10 4 you!

Oh, sorry. Well, it's still the same rate! I like variety! :lol:


To the next rater: Rate MegaMoonLiner! :lol:

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8/10. You may want to change your sig now! :rage: <_<

... Masaka!

It will stay this way, 'cause I cannot change it; my sig is my list of models in development!

...But maybe later I can add one image: I am now building my Tamiya 1/350th YAMATO, and I will put a good profiled photo of it, when finished! <_<

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