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rate the signature above you.


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if it's accents, i used MS Paint's text feature... and it wouldn't allow accented letters on the font I was using.


Not just accents!!! ;)

Yay GIF Animations! 8/10

10/10, I like GIFs also! :D

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00000000000000000000000000000000000/10! freakin love the LFX!!!! :P dont you like mines? :P

Yes, LOL! 110/10 for you! The LFX is one of Nova Bus' awesomeness! :P:P

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100/10! :o

Wow, this bus is huge! :)

*Post #4000!*

Not at all, man; this is the Starliner II C, the shortest version with 12 990 mm.

The Starliner L measures 13 990 mm, being the extra meter between the rear wheels and the grill door, at the back!



For the one above me, 10/10, looks very contemporary, with that angle! :D

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10/10! Big bus equals BIG fun! :P

:D Once again, I tell you what I told to someone else; this is Neoplan Starliner C, with 12,99 meters.

There is bigger, but I ain't seen it... ...Yet!... :lol:

Oh, yeah, and even this bus has one year, it smells all like brand new! :D


10/10, seems like you & AlexLy are very attached to theat demo LFS (well, I'm lovin' it, too!)!

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