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A quick scan of the photo pages revealed at least one photo belonging to Ryan Flores, as well as several images poached from the site come.to/torontobus. I'd be willing to bet this guy doesn't have any photos of his own...


Welcome to the Paperbuses section. This section has a wide variety of paperbuses that you can print off and build yourself, and create your own bus fleet. Special thanks goes to Jan Boic, Denny Yip, Felix Tse, and other contributors who assisted in the designing of these paperbuses. We are slowly in the process of drawing up more paperbuses in different liveries. Those will be posted here once completed. All paperbuses here are copyrighted and should not be reused, modified, or reposted elsewhere without permission. Requests should be e-mailed at freshcorp19@live.com.

He totally ripped that off my 'Paperbuses' section here.


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