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The North Korean ships are manned by ex navy, so I suspect they are steered clear of

The Indian Navy just sunk one of the pirate mother ships, that is how you deal with pirates :D

The Russians fired on a few pirates recently, while convoying 9 vessels through that areas

Wish the rest would be as gung ho in erradicating these vermin.

And paying ransoms just encourages more of the same, the fact that convoys are now being organized says a lot, time to drop the gloves, it can be done!

Yeah I found that interesting that in the recent incident, they paid the Ransom and were then released. It's a hard one to know what's best I suppose...

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Comments on articles like these really piss me off.

We have returned to ye days of olde! Pirates roam the open seas once more!

In all seriousness, though, we pirates should be marooned on desert islands. Just as England used Australia as an island prison, Somalia can use Sri Lanka as an island prison.

Well my family just happens to be from Sri Lanka so this offended me...

Other than this fact I find it completely uncivilized to just have a piece of land dedicated to having criminals on it.

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