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Did you manage to get a shot of the Mobility bus there? and did you find any retired buses there?

I did not see any retired buses. I did see 0601 but it was not in transit service. It may be a Mobility bus but I was not able to confirm it as it went by me pretty quickly.

St. Thomas only needs 5 peak vehicles so my guess would be that the fleet consists of the 0801-0804, 1001, 1101-1103. This is just speculation though and it would have to be confirmed by someone with knowledge of the fleet.

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Here's one that's not mentioned on our Wiki:

Bus 1104, another Arboc, was in service on Friday. Given that its licence plate is numbered right after 1103 (8025BF for 1103, 8026BF for 1104), is it safe to assume that 1104 was part of the same order? Or is 1104 a replacement for 1102 and all their buses got new plates (8022BF for 1001, 8024BF for 1101)?


The 5th bus in service was a Voyageur Paratransit cutaway numbered in the 06xx on Route 5.

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I have some news from St Thomas. I can confirm that St Thomas Transit has bought a new ARBOC. Bus TR-1201 began service this week. I managed to find it on route 2. I apologize for the dimness of the sign.

I bet thats the replacement for 1102! 1104 was most likely a late delivery

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Was out visiting a buddy who drives the transit system in St Thomas today. Due to the reliability of the 15## series that they had from Crestline, the service took delivery of 4 new 2017 Arboc Spirit of Mobility buses the second week of December. Drivers seam to be quite happy to be getting rid of the 15##, and all the problems that went along with them. They still have 3 of them in active service, one has been retired early due to a electrical/damaged frame issue (believe it’s 1502). 

The new busses follow similar numbering TR1701 to 1704. They have The GM v-8 gas engine in them. 

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St. Thomas is currently in the process of a strategic review conducted by Stantec. The final report is here and makes a number of recommendations, including proposals for route restructuring. 

Recommended route design - Option 3B

  • Existing hub at SmartCentres is maintained.
  • Restructure route network to provide 2 way service on routes (option 3B as shown on page 48 of the pdf)
  • Route 1 is modified to provide service using Balaclava St., South Edgeware Rd., Confederation Dr., Avon Rd., McGregor Ct. and Burwell Rd. to loop at Valleyview. Route 1 will interline with route 5 and provide 60 minute service. 
  • Route 2 is modified to provide service using Redan St., Caso Crossing, Third Ave., Churchill Cres., Meehan St, St. Thomas Hospital, Elm St. and Fairview Ave. to Fanshawe College. Route 2 will interline with route 4 and provide 60 minute service. 30 minute service will be possible to the hospital using route 2 or 4, and to Fanshawe College using route 2 or 5.
  • Route 3 is modified to focus on Talbot Street and will run from the west end of the city to Elgin Centre, using Talbot St., Fairview Ave., and Wellington St. Route 3 will provide 15 minute service and allow Talbot to become a 'high frequency' corridor.
  • Route 4 is modified to provide service on First Ave. south of Talbot, St. Thomas Hospital, Elm St., Parkside Dr., Sunset Dr., and looping using Wilson Ave., Chester St., East Ave., Mabel St., Ross St., and Elmina St. Route 4 will interline with route 2 and provide 60 minute service, with 30 minute service to the hospital using either route 2 or 4.
  • Route 5 is modified to provide service using Talbot St., Wellington St., Highview Dr. and Southgate Pkwy. to Fanshawe College. Route 5 will interline with route 1 to and provide 60 minute service. 30 minute service will be possible to Fanshawe College using route 2 or 5.
  • Demand response service to the northeast industrial area as well as south of Southdale Line Monday-Saturday during normal operating hours
  • Evening service to be introduced using demand response service city wide from 5:45pm to 9:45pm Monday-Saturday.
  • Sunday service to be introduced from 9:15am to 5:45pm 

The proposals, including the reccomended option appear to be based on staying within the existing budget (service hours). The fixed route service will require 4 buses (1 for routes 1/5, 1 for routes 2/4, 2 for route 3) The demand response service will 'comingle' with the paratransit service, requiring 3 vehicles.


  • Purchase 30ft low floor buses, however it is noted it may result in the contractor billing higher rates
  • Consider a new paint scheme/rebranding with the new city logo and colours.
  • Implement security cameras on buses.
  • Consider implementing bike racks on buses.


  • Upgrade fareboxes to accomodate open payment (credit card/debit card)
  • Upgrade SmartCentres transfer point to be more attractive to passengers.


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