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Anyone create their own transit system?

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I've been doing some work on liveries as well, and the time has come to unveil them.

The majority of Newman's T3s operated in this red and cream livery as seen in real life (the reason for this will be given in a history document I'm currently working on).

36119743480_4131e4e986_z.jpgDPB 7841 - 07 by Andrew P., on Flickr

However, the T3YO cars, which were built specially for Newman in 1985 and 1987, came in their classic livery, from 1974-2000. This is a mockup of car #1202, the 1985 order.


The 1987 order was more closely standardized with the T3SUCS, including the door configuration. Mockup of car #1251.


Since 2014, a lot of trams have been repainted into this all-red livery with vanilla lining. This mockup is of T3Gs #2051+2052, which emerged from the workshops in March of this year in these colours.



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Work in progress transit system. Located somewhere along the east coast. 

Springfield Transit Comission 

Serving the springfield metropolitan area and surrounding counties. 

Here is a list of routes so far. 

1 City Center-Northwood

2 City Center - Shore Drive

3 City Center- High Street

4 Ocean Avenue - River Avenue

5 Oak - Bay Street

6 River Avenue - Symphony Square

7 River Avenue - Harbor Drive

8 Bay Street - Bridge Street

10 River Plaza - Linden Station

12 River Plaza - Concord

13 Linden Station - Point Park

14 Eastern Boulevard - River Plaza

15 River Plaza - Northwood 

16 Linden Station - Northwood

17 Charles Avenue - Shore Drive

18 Shore Drive - Eastwood

19 Linden Station - Point Park Via Woods

20 Shore Drive - River Plaza

21 River Plaza - Rock Creek

23 Shore Drive - Linden Station

24 Point Park - Eastern Boulevard


Current Fleet in service

Orion V

Orion VII

Orion VII Next Gen

New Flyer D60HF

Nova LFS 40FT

Nova LFS 62 FT


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8 hours ago, CanadianTransitTycoon said:

Hmmm... did not know that. Well, this causes a problem for MetroTech Systems... but I'll figure something out.

UTC exists, in case you need to find a new partner :P


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4 hours ago, buizel10 said:

UTC exists, in case you need to find a new partner :P

We'll pretend Tri-Star existed, and go from there :P

MetroTech Systems

MetroTech Systems is announcing our departure from Tri-Star Global. All Tri-Star Parts and Services will be removed from our catalogue starting in November. The immediate termination was after disagreements with MetroTech Systems and Tri-Star Inc. regarding corporate decisions and MetroTech Systems called for a separation from Tri-Star Inc. All current train deliveries will be unaffected by this, however bus parts for Tri-Star buses may be affected. Contact Tri-Star Source Parts for more information.

Following this announcement, MetroTech Systems will continue it's main product line of metro trains and will also take Kyoto Rail Services (Japanese Division) into its current network. MetroTech Systems will remain as an independent company for the time being, as we can sufficiently sustain ourselves. Kyoto Rail Services will continue construction on the new manufacturing plant and will provide rolling stock solutions to Japan and Southeast Asia. MetroTech Systems and MetroTech J-Systems will be under MetroTech Holdings, the new parent company.

Speaking of which, we've received multiple contracts from various companies around the world recently:

  • Osaka Municipal Subway - 50 M7H electric multiple units
  • Japan Railways - West Group - 20 M7C electric multiple units
  • London Underground - Refurbishment of the 1992 stock.
  • TransLink - Refurbishment of the UTDC/Bombardier MK1 Stock.

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New standards mean new engines.


  • Diesel, Transit: UTC T9-280
  • Diesel, Articulated Transit: UTC T9-330
  • Diesel, Heavy Articulated Transit/Highway Coach: UTC T12-380, T12-430
  • CNG, Transit: UTC TC9-250
  • CNG, Articulated Transit: UTC TC9-280, TC12-330

All are EPA 2016 compliant, with all the CNG engines because EPA 2017 nZ compliant.

With a new generation of engines, comes a new generation of buses from UTC. Many buses were redesigned to be consume less gas, and be quieter. The exterior has also been redesigned.


D40R - 40ft Diesel Transit bus

  • Engines: Cummins L9 280hp (EPA 2016) or UTC T9-280 (EPA 2016)
  • Transmissions: Allison B3400 xFE, ZF 6AP1400B or UTC T-1400
  • HVAC: Thermo King RLF1-M1


35618358434_47cd755ae6_h.jpgTransLink-16136-403_THREEROAD by Jeff Yu, on Flickr



D60R - 60ft Diesel Transit bus

  • Engines: Cummins L9 330hp (EPA 2016) or UTC T9-330 (EPA 2016)
  • Transmissions: Allison B400R, ZF 6AP1700B or UTC T-1700
  • HVAC: Thermo King RLF1-M1


18405774755_f57d2c3a71_h.jpg12010: NIS by Dennis  Tsang, on Flickr

(By Dennis Tsang, CC BY-NC-SA 2.0)



C40R - 40ft CNG Transit bus

  • Engines: Cummins Westport ISL G nZ (EPA 2010) or UTC TC9-280 (EPA 2016)
  • Transmissions: Allison B3400 xFE, ZF 6AP1400B
  • HVAC: Thermo King RLF1-M1


36802275732_98869a084b_h.jpgP14031 by Jeff Yu, on Flickr



Replacements for other buses coming later in 2017. All restyled buses will be available immediately for new orders. Existing orders can be converted.

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MT Rail series:


The MetroTrain or MT series has been a staple of the MetroTech family for many years. Browse our trains with fully customizable details to fit your needs. Equipped with ATC, ATS, and the most advanced safety features, trains provide clean, safe, efficient, and comfortable service to our customers. Our newly designed MetroTech IGBT-VVVF Motors are the most efficient motors ever, designed to provide excellent power and speed, while using almost little energy.


Power Supply: 3rd Rail, Pantograph

Motors: MetroTech IGBT-VVVF NG15, Hitachi SiC-VVVF

Interior Lighting: LED

Systems: MTATC-2, MTATS-2, Regenerative Braking, MTACS, CBTC


LFT Series: The Low Floor Tram or LFT series is a low floor tram introduced in 2015. The trams are state of the art, next generation trams developed from the MT Program. Like the MT Program, the LFT Series are designed to look and feel advanced and fresh, while using little energy to provide safe, efficient, comfortable, and green service.


LFT Series 01:


Power Supply: Pantograph

Motors: MetroTech GTX-01

Interior Lighting: LED

Systems: MTACS, Regenerative Braking


LFT Series III:


Power Supply: Pantograph

Motors: MetroTech LTX-02

Interior Lighting: LED

Systems: MTACS, Regenerative Braking, DCTO


M7 Series: The MetroSeven Series or M7 Series is a brand new subway stock that replaces the MT Series rolling stock. Available with ATC, ATS, MT anti-correction system, and the world’s first regenerative braking returning up 35% of power, this is our most advanced series yet. The M7 Series is also compatible with CBTC equipped systems and our very own signaling, DCTO or Digital Communications Train Operation. Together with DCTO, MTACS and many other features, the M7 Series is perfect for existing technology and next-generation technology and systems that require the most out of their trains.


M7H: (Standard Variant)


Power Supply: 3rd Rail, Pantograph

Motors: MetroTech IGBT-VVVF FG16, Hitachi SiC-VVVF

Interior Lighting: LED

Systems: DCTO, M7ATO-1, CBTC


M7Q: (Quiet Variant)


Power Supply: Pantograph


Interior Lighting: LED

Systems: DCTO, M7ATO-1, CBTC


M7C: (Commuter Variant)


Power Supply: Pantograph

Motors: MetroTech IGBT-VVVF HS01, Hitachi SiC-VVVF

Interior Lighting: LED

Systems: DCTO, CBTC



D-EU Series: The D-EU or Diesel-Efficient Unit is a new type of Diesel Multiple Unit (DMU) currently under development. The goal of this project is to create an efficient and clean DMU that will provide quick and efficient service to our customers and reduce fuel consumption and air pollution by up to 8% compared to current DMUs active. There is no current ETA as to when the D-EU will be available to customers.


D-EL Series: The D-EL or Diesel-Efficient Locomotive is a new type of Diesel Locomotive for passenger and cargo use, saving fuel and air pollution.


D-EH Series: The D-EH or Diesel-Efficient Hybrid is a variant of the D-EU series, utilizing Hybrid Technology to be as efficient as possible. ETA unknown.


MetroTech Operation Solutions:

MetroTech Systems is pleased to announce our new technology or Computerized Signalling Technology (CST) which spans into our new signalling system and train operation solution: Digital Communications Train Operation (DCTO). DCTO uses the exisiting technology of CBTC, and driverless trains to allow a brand new way for train operation.


Here's how it works:

Trains are equipped with a receiver which communicates with a centralized server system, which keeps track of trains and their current positions every 30 seconds. Based on train positions, an on-board signal or digital signal is received from the central server and is processed by the train. Using standard signalling rules (red, yellow, green), trains can receive signals ahead of time and react to the changing track conditions.

ie: If a train is stopped at a station, the train behind it will receive a signal based on its current position and will adjust its speed accordingly.

With this new technology, a system can operate a very high frequency of trains very closely. The technology is awaiting approval from the NTSB and once completed can be implemented on new and existing systems.




MetroTech Parts and Services:

MetroTech NBT01: Bus Transmission retrofit

The MetroTech NBT01, which stands for New Bus Transmission 01 is available as a 5, 6, 7, or 8 speed as parts for existing buses. This new transmission has been tried and tested to work specifically with the Cummins ISL9 and rated for the Cummins L9. The NBT01 offers fuel savings of up to 15% versus other transmissions as well as MetroTech certified smooth gear shift system inspired by our rail vehicles. Now available in the USA, Canada, Europe and Asia.

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UTC 2017 Q3 Factory Locations:

  • Tianjin 1 
  • Tianjin 2
  • Lonver 1
  • Lonver 2
  • Lonver 3
  • Lonver 4
  • Yale 1
  • Yale 2
  • Surrey 1
  • Langley 1
  • Fort St' John 1

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On October 23, 2017, faculty went on strike at River Oaks College. Newman Transit will not be crossing the picket lines during the strike and therefore the following service changes will be enacted until further notice:

-route 3 will, from Beethoven Avenue & River Oaks Road, be diverted to Queensway Road

-routes 24, 32 and 45 will service a temporary bus stop at River Oaks Road & College Drive

-route 35F will be diverted to Preston Centre

-route 38 will not operate


The annual Newman Winter Fair will be running this year from November 3-12, 2017. To deal with anticipated crowds to the event, Newman Transit will be enacting the following temporary route changes to help people access the event quicker:

-a temporary tram route, the 17, will be in operation throughout the fair dates. One single branch will operate: 17 (Newman Station – Newman Falls Station). It will relieve route 7, which also operates to the fair, and provide a quick connection to downtown.

-route 46 will be extended from Kipling Avenue and South Street to Kipling and Meadow, where it will turn around on the Newman Exhibition Grounds.


Due to the possibility of dangerous weather conditions during Hurricane Ophelia, Newman Transit suspended all transit service, in effect from 10:00 on October 15.

The danger was perceived to be gone by the morning on October 16, but recovery efforts meant transit service could not be restored right away. Roads and trackbeds had to be cleaned and inspected for damage. Newman Transit lost power for their tram and trolleybus systems. Avon was left without service for additional periods of time; routes 11, 12, 26, 55, and 407 were not permitted to cross the Broad Street Bridge until it had been examined for any structural damage it may have sustained.

Bus service began to operate again at 10:00 on October 16, with the majority of bus service (exceptions outlined below) restored by 16:00 that day. Where possible, the inoperational trams and trolley buses were covered by shuttle buses operating at limited frequencies (on routes X2, X4, X5, X8, X60 (replacement for 100), X61 (replacement for 102), X62 (replacement for 103), X63 (replacement for 104/105), and X65 (replacement for 107)).

Other service restorations took place on the following dates:

October 17: routes 2 (Avion Shopping Park – Lakeshore), 3, 4 (Mountain Avenue – Queensway Road), 5, 7, 8, 10, 102, 107

October 18: routes 11, 12, 26, 55, 407

October 19: routes 2 (Avion Shopping Park – Duncan & Callahan), 100 (Newman Station – Mountain Avenue), 103, 104, 105

No service operated on October 20 due to Storm Brian. The damage from Storm Brian was found to not be severe, so the service that had not yet been restored was brought back throughout the day on October 21: routes 2 (Duncan & Callahan – Kitchener Avenue), 4 (Queensway Road – Trnava Terminal), 9, 100 (Mountain Avenue – Davis & Ingot)

On the other hand, service to Avon was suspended until October 22, in order to once again examine the Broad Street Bridge for damage.

In Breaker, no bus service was permitted to go north of Rivermede Road & Inwood Avenue until late morning on October 17 due to flooding of the Breaker Creek. All routes were diverted via Inwood Avenue and Duncan Road, which avoided the flooding. This diversion was put in place again from October 21 – early afternoon on October 23.

Full transit service across the city was restored on October 23.


On Friday, October 28, Newman Transit awarded a multi-million pound contract to Coasttown Bridge & Tunnel Works, to carry out the expansion of the tram network by constructing a new tram line on Davis Road from Avion Shopping Park to Newman Station.

Construction works are expected to begin in the new year, and last until approximately mid-2020. When these works are completed, route 9 will be extended from its present day terminus at Avion Shopping Park to Newman Station, providing a connection between Lipton Valley and the downtown area, relieving the pressure on routes 2 and 21.

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Some changes to the CR lineup.

C40R - 40ft CNG Transit bus

  • Engines: Cummins Westport ISL G nZ 280 (EPA 2010) or UTC TC9-280 (EPA 2016)
  • Transmissions: Allison B3400 xFE, ZF 6AP1400B
  • HVAC: Thermo King RLF1-M1

C60R - 60ft CNG Transit bus

  • Engines: Cummins Westport ISL G nZ 320 (EPA 2010) or UTC TC9-330 (EPA 2016)
  • Transmissions: Allison B500R, ZF 6AP1700B, UTC T-1700
  • HVAC: Thermo King RLF1-M1


Double Decker lineup coming late-November 2017. 


TransMetro system overhaul coming later this year.

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Okay after messing around creating various maps and stuff and refining. I completed my own transit system. 

Springfield Transit Authority: serving the City of Springfield and the surrounding suburbs. 


1A Downtown - Oak Park

2A Downtown - Waldsworth

2B Downtown - Linden Station

3A Downtown - Lakeside

4A Downtown Edgewood

5A Downtown - University Park

6A Downtown - Bailey Loop

10A Downtown - Waldsworth Via Clinton

11A Downtown - Abbey Pl

13A Downtown - Edgewood Via East

15A Downtown - Park Place

16A Edgewood - South Park

17A Linden Station - Lakeshore Via Hertel

18A Linden Station - Little Italy

19A Linden Station - Abbey Pl

20A Lake - Park Place

21A Colombus Park - East

22A Jacobi Medical - Clarence

23A Waterfront - Mall Transit Center

24A Mall Transit Center - Linden Station

25A Jefferson - Hertel

26A University Park - Owl Square

27A Mall Transit Center - Hertel

28A Downtown - Mecklenburg Plaza

29A Downtown - Edgewood Via Hertel

32A Mall Transit Center - Lincoln Park n' Ride

33A Mall Transit Center - South Park

35A Mall Transit Center - Hertel

36A Mall Transit Center - Bailey Loop

37A Downtown - University 

40A Lakewood - Abbey Pl


Most of the routes of the STA run on a hub and spoke layout. With alot of the routes converging on the downtown area. Downtown Springfield is the location of the main bus terminal on South Division Street. There are two more transit centers one at the mall complex (Mall Transit Center) and one in the Linden area outside of Downtown (Linden Station). The system also has various loops and Park N' Rides where buses terminate. 

The current fleet as of 2017 consists of 

135 Orion V's and 90 Orion VII's 

175 New Flyer D60HF Artics

40 Gillig Low Floor Phantoms

20 Nova LFS 40 FT 2012

40 NABI 40FT 2013 (Suburban Config)

95 New Flyer C40LF 


Adult (18+) $2.00

Youth (6-17) $1.00

Seniors (65+) $1.50

Day Pass $4.50/$2.25

7 Day Pass $30.00/$20.00


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This day in history, November 11th, 2017, Nu'u-Sara....

The first time that the 11th of November was honored by transit agencies in the greater Nu'u-Sara area. LePasi, Meadowlands Country and Kiribus buses and streetcars and AOS subway trains were free to members of the Matriarch's Ai'a'ivean Armed Forces, and any veterans thereof (admittedly, not yet that many, because Ai'a'ivea was a young country), as well as serving people and veterans of allied countries who had bases in Ai'a'ivea (e.g. the Canadian Armed Forces, the US Armed Forces). Select trains from various train-operating companies ALSO offered this. Ai'a'iveaa Railways also had a "Brightliner" trainset (the same type used for the All Aboard Florida service) given a special livery with a field of poppies. At 11AM, all vehicle and trains stopped (and pulled over, if need be) for a minute of silence (this was delayed slightly in cases where the train had to get to a "better location" to do said stopping). Since then, the free rides to salute those who serve and the 11AM stop for Poppy Day (known by names such as Veterans, Remembrance, and Armistice day in other places, even in other parts of Ai'a'ivea) have been an annual tradition. At 11:30AM, that year and since, there's be a parade, that would always pass through Victory Station, as well as Nuevas Angeles Union, and Dorothy Street station, between the palace, and the main military cemetery, north of the "Carpet of a Million Flowers" park.

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Today is Remembrance Ray. As usual, we will be giving free fares to all veterans until the 13th. However, 100% of fares bought until the 13th will be donated to the Royal Canadian Legion.

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Today, the provincial government is offloading several highways onto municipalities. Here is the new list of highways in the Lonver-Merritt area.


Highway 1X: Southern Provincial Trunk Route: Continues as Highway 1, provincially maintained

Highway 2X: Western Provincial Trunk Route: Continues as Highway 2, provincially maintained

Highway 3X: Central Provincial Trunk Route: Continues as Highway 3, provincially maintained

Highway 5X: Central North-South Provincial Trunk Route: Continues as Highway 5, provincially maintained.

Highway 80: Inner Lonver Ring: Now Highway 201, maintained by City of Lonver

Highway 81: Outer Lonver Ring: Now Highway 101, maintained by TransMetro

Highway 90: First Merritt Ring: Now Highway 202, maintained by City of Merritt

Highway 91: Second Merritt Ring: Now Highway 203, maintained by City of Merritt

Highway 92: Third Merritt Ring: Now Highway 102, maintained by TransMetro

Highway 93: Fourth Merritt Ring: Now Highway 103, maintained by TransMetro

Highway 100: Central Lonver-Merritt Highway: Now Highway 150, maintained by TransMetro

Highway 101: Yale-South Merritt Highway: Now Highway 151, maintained by TransMetro

Highway 102: North Lonver-Merritt Highway: Now Highway 152, maintained by TransMetro

Highway 1000: Lonver Airport Connector: Now Highway S1, maintained by Lonver Airport

Highway 1001: Lonver Airport Beltway: Now Highway S1A, maintained by Lonver Airport

Highway 1002: Merritt Airport Connector: Now Highway S2, maintained by Merritt Airport


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