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Hong Kong Bus Plows into busy Waterloo Road sidewalk


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Slightly outdated news, but I was browsing around on YouTube and found this. It would probably be of particular interest to those who have an interest in Hong Kong buses and can understand some Cantonese.

Pretty amazing footage, entire roof ripped off the bus.

From what I could understand the bus was travelling no more then 15km/h and left no skidmarks prior to plowing into the busy sidewalk and storefronts at a location along Waterloo Road in Kowloon.

The bus is a 2002 Volvo B10TL "Super Olympian" with a modified Alexander AXL500 body. Fleet ID 3ASV378 (license plate KP4535)

The accident resulted in 1 death and 12 injuries. Quite tragic for all those involved. :lol:

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I know exactly where that happened, I used to live just around the corner.

I rode the buses along that road many times.

The following photos of 3ASV378 were taken at Dec 6, 2005:





The following photo of 3ASV378 was taken at July 5, 2006:


Poorly one messenger died in the accident, he was a Christian....may he rest in peace.

Also poor for my favorite bus was damaged....

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