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Upcoming federal elections


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Conservatives have lost all their seats in Newfoundland/Labrador.

That's mostly because their conservative premiere, Danny Williams, is disgusted with Harper and ran a hard ABC campaign (Anything But Conservative). It says something when even conservative premieres are against their federal counterparts.

While thoroughly disgusted that Harper remains our PM, at least my riding went Liberal, with Bob Rae swooping into an easy victory.

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Two surprises for me.

1: No Green candidate won. I honestly thought they would do better than they did. It's unfortunate, but their popular vote has increased a fair bit.

2: Nunavut and Kenora have both gone for the Conservatives. Pretty surprising, for me. Kenora has never elected a conservative MP or MPP, and I don't think Nunavut has either. If Natives weren't as disenfranchised and apathetic, the results in both of those ridings would likely be very different. Kenora likely won because the Conservatives targeted it over the long term, putting in federal money to twin the Trans-Canada between Kenora and the Manitoba border. The NDP won by much larger margins in the Thunder Bay ridings than I thought they would. The NDP also won Sudbury, which is a bit of a surprise as that is typically a Liberal stronghold.

Tony Clement pulled in more than half of the vote, which is an amazing turnaround for him since he had the closest lead last time, but we (in NWO) are hoping that Greg Rickford gets into cabinet as Minister for FedNor. The fact that it's funding things in Southern Ontario (when that isn't its responsibility) really irks Northerners, and if he is appointed it is likely he will try and fight for that. Unless Harper continues being a control freak, and wants it to continue funding programmes in the south to get support there, but I think he would be better if he created a "FedSouth". Southern Ontario is the only part of Canada without a federal economic development initiative.

On a related note, I wonder how Oliva Chow-Chow is doing in Trinity-Spadina.

I understand the NDP has this incredible ability of registering a record number of homeless persons to vote for them.

Homeless people have the right to vote. As do native Canadians. Many people of voting age on reserves do not vote because they do not have photo ID, many do not have actual addresses, only being able to name the band to which they belong. If more first nations, low income and youth voted, the results would be quite different.

Currently, more than 75% of aboriginals, more than 750,000 people, no not vote. Among low income people, the numbers are only marginally better. Among the homeless, they only exercise their right to vote when they receive assistance to do so. Many lack addresses and are unable to vote, and wind up disenfranchised, a terrible thing to be in a democratic society.

Olivia Chow had a more than 2,000 vote lead. That's a lot of homeless people, even for Toronto.

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Give the homeless some change, and they'll vote for any party...

That is so mean to say that!

I for one have been homeless and you know what, I NEVER begged for money, I used the services that are out there to help, I just got my own apartment 2 years ago..

NDP DO help street service agencies assist people to be able to vote, NO other party does this...

NO ONE can force you to vote for them... EVEN if your a homeless person...

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Poles are now CLOSED (three minutes late..). All I can say is BOO! Elizabeth May has been beat out by Peter MMKay!! B)

Well, this election says alot about the average Canadian.


*waiting for more job losses, cuts to essential programs, and tax breaks to people who do not need it*

How long before Canadians wake up, and realize this party is NOT conservative? Is it going to take a Bush style economic disaster to get Harper out?

Or will it take Proportional Representation?

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NDP Picked up 7 more seats including Edmonton-Strathcona's Linda Duncan. the Campaign i have been working with for the past 5 weeks. An awesome win. Talk about such excitement!!

And poor Stephen Dion.... lost a lot of seats instead of gaining... awwwww.

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A huge shocker for my riding Oak Ridges-Markham.

I stayed up until around 1:00am, to FINALLY see the Conservative Paul Calandra barely edge out Liberal Lui Temelkovski by 0.6%! B)

Note: The gap between the two candidates was barely 300 votes.

Note 2: This riding I'm in is a Liberal stronghold. Not anymore!

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Just for railbus...


See 2nd paragraph

Great election guys. My riding and the one I volunteered for is red. This is the outcome I favoured most. I feel Dion will be given the chance for a Turner style comeback but I hope not.

Yeah. I watched the excellent CBC coverage last night on TV. I must say I enjoyed the format of having the experts like the At Issue panel, Keith Boag and other reporters right there in the studio providing ongoing analysis. Even the imitation of Rex Murphy was hilarious, nice to have a little humour injected. Kudos to CBC for the format of the TV show. Now if they could only revert to the proper podium format for the debate, we might be able to get somewhere.

I dunno. Still not sure why we needed this whole election in the first place.

As well, since the Greens have still not elected an MP, they have opened a real can of worms by allowing them into the debate. Debates are for legitimate parties with elected MPs. Next time just watch as every one of dozens of parties demands to be in the debate when they are not qualified to be there, just as the Greens were not qualified here. This is not about popular vote, this is about elected MPs. Read the rules.

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Congratulations, Mr. Harper, on getting pretty much the same mandate you got last time. B)

There are several ridings where a Liberal would have won if the Greens hadn't taken away votes from them. If the Liberals want to govern again, they'll have to form some sort of coalition government with the NDP and Greens. And we can definitely say goodbye to Mr. Dion!

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Actually, considering that close to 1 Million people voted for the Greens, they should have had some seats. Same with Urban Conservatives.


Paints a good picture of our out-of-date electoral system.

*It's a multi-partisan group, so do not even think about crying "liberal"*

It's time for a new electoral system. Maybe then, people will actually come out to vote.

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Didn't your good friend McGuinty attempt that during the last Ontario provincial election? IIRC people were pretty upset about that.

People were upset, because it was not properly communicated, rushed, and the Conservatives were against it. Look where it got them. If there a proportional voting system in place in Ontario, the Liberals probably would not have had a strong majority.

If people were properly educated, and understood that Proportional voting would represent them better, they would have accepted it. People are disillusioned, when a party that only have 30% of the vote, gets nearly half the seats. It's says alot about the state of Canada's electorial system. It's broken.

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I HATE Party Politics. People in their ridings should be voting for who they think will represent THEM best, isn't that what it's all about? Nowadays people only vote for the leader of the party and give s***-all for their local candidate.

In my riding (which is a PERFECT example of this), our incumbent Liberal MP (Lui Temelovski) was a very good MP, he did a lot of stuff for our riding (like fight for the return of rural mail service, he introduced a Private Member's Bill to get it returned, IIRC it was passed). What do we give him in return? The Conservative candidate beat him out by only 300 votes! The idiots in my riding voted for what leader's policies they preferred the best. Stephane Dion was not well-liked by my riding (I presume this was because of the Carbon Tax, we have a lot of upper-middle class families in this riding) so the good MP was voted out and replaced by probably a Conservative Robot, who will stand up whenever Harper does in parliament and do nothing to actually represent the people who elected him.

I hate to say the United States are better than us, but it seems like this is the case. You vote for who you believe is the best Senator to represent your riding, and you vote for whoever you want to be the President. Your senators represent the citizens that elected them, and bring their voice to the government. In Canada, we vote on the candidate whose leader most represents our point of view. Then the candidate (who's supposed to vote as per the RIDING's wishes) votes whatever way their leader wants to vote, and if they don't support their leaders way, they can either stand up anyway or vote against their leader and be ejected from the party. So because of the possible consequences, they vote with the leader even if they know it's against all the wishes of the people who they are representing.


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