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11 hours ago, MVTArider said:

It still has the classic Protato look despite a little tweaking in the design. Glad to read this new model has improved suspension. Though it wasn't terrible, that buckboard ride was one downside to the Catalyst models.

I'd be interested to see how the additional front charging port works with a bike rack option, or if that would be a 'one or the other' thing.

Personally, I really liked the look of the Catalyst, but the ZX5 is definitely more mainstream. As you said, it still is obviously a Protato, I still like the styling.

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Let me fix that for you: 

1 hour ago, MAX BRT said:

New Proterra ZX5 in Jackson Hole Wyoming! Looks like it's the first ZX5 ever delivered in the USA.
Huge batteries = huge range


Given that Proterra is retroactively calling Edmonton's buses ZX5's, and have been delivering new buses since October which might actually have ZX5_DP on the builders plate vs the CAT40DP on the first lot, which were delivered under the Catalyst branding. 

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