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Very interesting development, there's another new transit bus manufacturer in the USA. Proterra located in Golden, Co. They've built a lightweight composite 35ft. HEV BRT bus, which will be on display next week at the APTA Transit Expo. They're also coming out with a transit type school bus and airport shuttle model and also a delivery truck model. All of this info is on their website, if anyone cares to see it. Not a bad looking bus.

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Don't be surprised if New Flyer acquires Proterra soon...

Atlanta APTA Expo Proterra pics for anyone interested. I rode the Catalyst E2 demo between stops at the convention center, seemed like a very solid and nice bus. AC was great on it too! A bit noisy co

Maybe if/when NFI falls apart from getting greedy and over-investing themselves we can get some fresh meat from other manufacturers into the NA transit bus pool. I wouldn't mind seeing some TEMSA Aven

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LOL, it has the headlights from a Dodge Charger.
The MCI G and E series coaches use Ford Econoline taillights. :angry: This Proterra bus also seems to be using Nissan Murano taillights too. :(


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Looks like a cross between a GMC Old Look, RTS, Orion VIING, & Optima Opus... and thats just the front and sides... the back looks like a cross between a Fishbowl and an Orion V with a rear window... taillights look like something Steven Spielberg designed... headlights i can live with...

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It looks like a bloated Orion VII, with the curves of a LFS and European Styling.

I'm sorry, I don't like it! The back looks like a minivan design gone horribly wrong, and the front looks like a Dodge Charger. Buses are buses, passenger vehicles are passenger vehicles! Don't interline them, please!

Oh and the wipers look retarded ... door makes it look like an ugly coach bus ... ugh! This is why I like New Flyer.

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I must be the only getting tired of this "BRT" branding.


Nope you ain't the only one... jeez whats next millennium transit comes out with a BRT styled RTS... jeez i can imagine how that'll look...

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Burbank getting world's first plug-in hybrid fuel cell bus

Burbank Bus has announced that they will be trying out the world's very first plug-in hydrogen fuel cell hybrid transit bus (say that fast 5 times), the Proterra HFC35, beginning this Spring. Now, we've had all-electric buses, turbine-powered hybrid buses and even a plug-in school buses gracing the pages of AutoblogGreen before, but we must admit that this is probably the first bus with this exact configuration.

Such a unique drivetrain should receive an equally singular package to wrap it in and in that department the Proterra doesn't disappoint. The compact 35 footer forgoes the traditional exterior sheet metal in favor of a molded composite shell that allows it to sport a modern look and keep its weight to a minimum. Using battery cells from Altairnano, the HFC35 is capable of completely recharging in six minutes with Proterra's quick charge station to limit its hydrogen usage, but it can travel up to 250 miles before needing more hydrogen or electricity. Burbank will give it a grand unveiling this Spring before putting it to work on various routes. Hit the jump for all the press release details.

Source: http://www.autobloggreen.com/2008/12/28/bu...-fuel-cell-bus/

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Some fresh pictures...


Looks like they renamed the it from HFC35 to EcoRide 35'.

I wonder if that bus is fully functional: the Proterra bus on display at APTA 2008 wasn't completely finished and I'm not even sure if it was able to move on its own.

Burbank should be getting theirs in about two months from now...

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Foothill Transit, Proterra announce electric bus project

West Covina, Calif.-based Foothill Transit awarded a $5.8 million contract to Proterra LLC for the procurement of three battery-powered electric buses and wayside fast charging equipment for their Electric Bus Demonstration Project.

The buses, which will feature futuristic styling and a composite construction design, will be powered by an electric drive that doesn’t depend on an Auxiliary Power Unit or onboard range extension equipment and have a 30-milie minimum range without charging.

Located at the beginning and end of the test route, the docking stations for the electric buses can deliver a 95 percent recharge in less than 10 minutes and will require no intervention or hands-on labor from the bus operator.

The project will be funded through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 and will be deployed in early 2010 along Foothill Transit’s Line 291.

Both Foothill Transit and Proterra will be monitoring the technology’s ability to handle the demands of a regular, stop-and-go transit route over the two-year trial period.

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October 30, 2009

Proterra shows all-electric bus in D.C.

On Thursday, Colorado-based manufacturer of zero-emission heavy-duty vehicle systems and transit buses, Proterra LLC and Altair Nanotechnologies Inc., provider of energy storage systems, introduced the only made-in-America electric rapid-charge hybrid bus that meets California's zero emission rules to Washington DC policymakers

Proterra's initial product, a 35-foot all-electric transit bus, has been designed to enable transit agencies to replace conventional diesel buses on a one-for-one basis with an electric transit bus that runs 24/7, according to the company. This is accomplished by combining Proterra's light-weight composite body, highly efficient ProDrive, advanced TerraVolt energy storage system (powered by Altairnano batteries) and on-route rooftop FastCharging station to charge the batteries in five to 10 minutes.

The vehicle achieves between 18 and 29 miles per gallon diesel fuel equivalent fully loaded with 68 passengers.

Production of Proterra's transit bus using lithium-titanate batteries supplied by Altairnano could create over 6,000 green jobs in 21 states. A fleet of 500 buses operating over 12 years could cut emissions of CO2 by 840,000 tons and reduce oil consumption by 82 million gallons, according to the company.

In Washington for the week, Proterra and Altairnano executives and representatives of the Center for Transportation and Environment held meetings and bus tours with the Department of Transportation, the Department of Energy, leaders in the House of Representatives and the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority.

Source: http://www.metro-magazine.com/News/Story/2...us-in-D-C-.aspx

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