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Pembroke Transit by Transport Thom

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Okay I have some news on Transport Thom's Fishbowls

I called the Deep River storage yard by mistake instead of Pembroke, the driver told me there are 3 Fishbowls at Deep River and none in Pembroke. It is a garage/storage yard with only 1 driver out of it.

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City bus service to end March 28


Thursday, March 6, 2014 5:30:49 EST PM

The city of Pembroke is scrambling for options after learning its bus service is stopping by the end of the month.

Thom Transit has been informing its municipal ridership that as of March 28, it will cease operations within the city and parts of Laurentian Valley Township.


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what a sad ending again for the public transit in Pembroke since its back in 2006/07, still remember Thom used one of the ex-AECL Fishbowl(#700) for pilot transit service back then, then with 2 ex-STM Classics(#703 & 04) and later a "cutaway-truck" size equipment was purchased for the transit service in town.........

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I was in Pembroke yesterday and I noticed that the transit equipment (bus stops, shelters) is still up around the city. Is there still hope that transit will one day be revived in Pembroke? If Pembroke and Petewawa got together I'm sure they'd make a decent system. There's no doubt in my mind that transit is needed in that area.

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Last week, MTB Transit Solutions tweeted this photo of a Pembroke Transit Glider, a TTC Orion V and an unidentified Fishbowl at their facility in 1993:

Can anyone believe this was 27 years ago?
MTB expanded to another 3-acre property at Marvis & Britannia in 1993! MTB was growing rapidly & within years, the original facility was too small for the demand.
You can learn more here: https://mtbtransitsolutions.com/about-us

Continued Expansion: MTB

In 1993, the Company expanded with another adjacent 3-acre property at Mavis & Britannia. Transit Authorities & Highway Coach operators’ recognized the quality of MTB and within years the original 32,000 sq. ft. facility was too small for the demand. At the time MTB was performing collision and refurbishments for many of the major transit authorities in Ontario as well as Alberta, New York State, Pennsylvania and Virginia among others.


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