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This was a few nights ago. Interesting that someone gets on the bus which was the last departure and the passenger asked "is this the last bus?"

Operator asked "yes, but are you going in the right direction? Because you can't backtrack." Which the passenger gave the destination and confirmed it is the right direction.

Which once the passenger reaches his stop, he literally asks for a transfer. Of course since he was told the bus he boarded was the last departure MULTIPLE times, the transfer wouldn't be valid in a few hours when service resumes in about 7 hours. Surely if you had to do something, you wouldn't do it during the very final trip or at least plan alternative transportation. The last time I was out was when special early morning service was provided. Now if that option was unavailable, I would plan alternative transportation to complete my trip rather than wait until the last minute. 

Not sure what someone will expect to be open just after midnight other than a convenience store in most areas. 

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Customer at work today grabbed a co-worker by the shoulder while she was out in the parking lot, spun her around, and demanded that she bring his order out to him.

I'm just completely at a loss for words.

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