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You were at City Hall Station last night around 10:30pm. You were standing outside of the sheltered area, letting the cold rain pour over you. You were wearing nothing but swimming trunks and a single black sock. You boarded car 2447, and I last saw you when you fell on the floor, due to the train suddenly accelerating.

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13 hours ago, TechSpotlight said:

I love how companies advertise alcohol products on transit buses....  


Advertising revenue!

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The first house I grew up in, in Toronto went on the market about a year ago and turns out it sold to a house flipping real estate agent who’s just resold it after renovating it.  This house was a Great Depression house built when if you had just a little bit of money, it would go far because all the finest materials and all the best craftsmen were available at steep discounts.  This was a gorgeous house with leaded glass windows everywhere and lots of beautiful wood inside.

They completely trashed and douchebagified the place. All the beautiful wood and leaded glass and hardwood flooring is gone. All the beautiful plasterwork is gone.

It’s post-modern millennial generic sterile style now. It’s all cheap drywall and Home Depot light fixtures, nasty engineered flooring, and poorly thought out rearrangement of the upstairs.  A second bathroom was wedged into one of the bedrooms at the expense of the closets in two of the rooms plus some additional lost space.  

The Art Deco mantelpiece in the living room is gone and there’s a crappy surround around this cheesy gas insert in what was a great wood burning fireplace.  The living room used to be a good sounding room too.  It was a great place to turn up the stereo and listen to music but from the materials and finishes chosen, I don’t think it would sound as good now, but that doesn’t matter when the idea of having a good sounding music system has been replaced with the sound bar or a smart speaker.  

I’m not sure how the breakfast room off the kitchen that opened onto the back porch became a den isolated from the rest of the house by the kitchen but ok.

How much does a tasteless botch job that looks like the inside of a junky condo like this sell for?

Over two million dollars.

Pardon me while I barf.

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I wonder how much it cost to rip out the hot water heating system and install forced air throughout the house?  That's not a small modification.

When the place went up for sale a bit over a year ago, it was for the most part in the same condition my family left it in when we moved out in 86.  Let's have a little then and now between the era of Gloucsters, PCCs, trolleybuses to that of Toronto Rockets, Flexities, and if you're lucky, you might see a battery bus out there for a couple of hours.

Let's start off with the living room.  The original 1936 fireplace made it a very cozy room once a couple of splints of wood were started.  Beautiful hardwood floors and the wood trim is still in good shape as are the leaded glass windows.



Time to turn up the blandness.  Generic windows.  Generic everything.  Wide plank engineered flooring instead of that beautiful hardwood because you gotta have it because that's what everyone's doing.  Feel the peer pressure yet?  WTF is with that ugly gas fireplace?  Trim is either painted out or replaced for good measure.

Let's move back to the dining room.  We had a nice buffet in that alcove.  Lovely wood trim and nice glass in the doors to the living room and that wood wainscotting would cost a fortune today.



I don't have a problem with open concept layouts if they're done well.  The walls separating the dining room from the living room and the kitchen were removed.  Not bad, especially since it opened up the kitchen which was pretty narrow.  The alcove is still there.  I don't think they realized it's been provided so you can put a sideboard or buffet there but ok.  But painting out that wood wainscotting?  It's ruined.  Even if someone tries to restore that down the road from now, it won't come back as good as it was before being painted.  I think all the hardwood floors got trashed.

More wood and leaded glass throughout.  The tile floor is a change made after we left.  The original hardwood went all the way to the front door still when we lived there.



This was the best picture I could find showing the entranceway and the staircase.  More wood's been painted out.  Yech.  The staircase to the basement's been opened up because the house flipper finished it vs. being just a giant furnace room up until now.  However, they missed something.  They missed replacing that leaded glass window at the bottom of the stairs with another generic flat sheet of glass.  Ooops.

As much as parts of that house needed to be updated, it could've been done a lot more tastefully without outright trashing a lot of the beautiful original features that were in great shape and turning into a crude attempt at retroactively ramming present day cheap and nasty construction styles into what was a very nicely appointed 80-odd year old house.

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The original interior is lovely. I would not have changed a thing. The house I grew up in has changed so much on the outside, I don't even want to see the inside.

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