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The Remainder of 8902, 9126 and Greyhound 896

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So, I've heard that 8902, 9126 and a MCI greyhound bus are in a scrap yard near Wakley, and I just had to see it for myself.

I went over to Metro Towing place (people who owned the property) and explained that I and my other two friends wanted to get photos of these buses. Took about 10 minutes explaining who we were, and allowed us to photograph them (as long as we don't steal parts from them, and had to leave my name in a visitor sheet and went by ourselves) and these are the remainings of OC Transpo 1989 MCI classic 8902, and OC Transpos 1991 first Orion V purchased, 9126, and a Greyhound MCI bus numbered 896.

(The people I went with were Cogeno and Hurdmanhugz of this board)

OC Transpo 9126 Photos:


OC Transpo 8902 Photos:


Greyhound 896 Photos:


These were taken today, at the begining on PM rush, and the location of the Yard is along the 192 route at Wakley and some street. (It's right beside a Brinks building)

Point55. :lol:

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Hmmm, this is the first place to let us transit fans in Ottawa in to see dead buses. I've tried many times with DoubleT, no success.

Metro Towing rules :lol:

Well, the trick is, just don't tell them your transitfans. Tell them if you can be allowed to photograph the old buses out in their yard. Just pictures. If they ask why, start explaining.

Anyways, since they are recognized with us, hopefully we can be allowed again. We could've gone in the yard and take our sweet time.

Hopefully they get more buses.

Point55. :D

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HA! that Greyhound brought a whole new meaning to High Floor. Cogeno and I had to climb in basically to get in. The thing was on wood blocks. :D

Oh yeah, I was wondering why I had the seam of my shorts going between my nuts while getting in...

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