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Mr. Linsky

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Pictured below (upper) is fleet number 6692 – a 1954 GM Model TDM 4801 shown in service in its second life for Canadian operator Pacific Stage Lines.

Number 6692 was an ex Pacific Greyhound (fleet number unknown) and one of only 75 mechanical 4801 models built (fleet #’s K1450 to K 1524 – ser#’s 001 to 075) and all of which delivered to the company in San Francisco in March of that year.

The 4801’s in both Hydraulic and Mechanical transmission models were unusual as they were custom built to meet a California rule concerning maximum axle load limits that the standard 5105 series exceeded.

At 37 and a half feet in length, the 102 inch wide 48 passenger 4801 had a slightly shorter wheelbase of 279 inches and considerably less rear overhang than the 51 passenger model.

Most of the 547 Hydraulic models also built went to Los Angeles area operators that eventually merged to become the LAMTA (see lower photo below).

Of note in both pictures but more so in the upper is a discernable difference in width between the first three full sized double sashes and the fourth (before the emergency door), with one half of the window at full size and the other several inches narrower with a matching shorter transom above.

# 6692 also carries the ‘trademark’ Greyhound built-in fog lamps under the headlights.

Pacific Stage Lines, which was founded in 1926, operated basically as an intercity service but also ran both local and suburban routes in the greater Vancouver British Columbia area.

Coach # K1468 of the greyhound order has been preserved by Golden Gate Transit in the Bay Area.

Upper photo courtesy of Mel Bernero and Dave Lowenstein

Lower photo courtesy of Dave’s Train Pictures

Mr. Linsky – Green Bus Lines, Inc., Jamaica, NY



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