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I have a daily visitor. He helps the birds clean up the bird food. First he jumps from the tree onto my bedroom window screen. Then he climbs to the top, turns around, climbs down and onto the balcony ledge.


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Something I haven't really done in great numbers before is nature photography (that is, zeroing in on flora or fauna - I have been doing landscapes for a really long time), or shooting in manual. These are some of my first attempts at doing so. All feedback is welcomed!

49909380788_1ddc53b3e6_z.jpgAlways Watchful by T3G, on Flickr

49909380513_5d64d9fd8c_z.jpgFaded by T3G, on Flickr

49910198292_f859456e8f_z.jpgChipmunk 1 by T3G, on Flickr

49910198032_3c381e082b_z.jpgChipmunk 2 by T3G, on Flickr

49910197712_8e747d435b_z.jpgChipmunk 3 by T3G, on Flickr

49909898931_ecf3b871cc_z.jpgYellow Daffodils by T3G, on Flickr

49909379208_8b7786ddc4_z.jpgChipmunk 4 by T3G, on Flickr

49910196962_153b96fc0f_z.jpgRed Winged Black Bird by T3G, on Flickr

49910196627_6d6bc29130_z.jpgWoodpecker by T3G, on Flickr

49909897821_118de5e528_z.jpgThe Angry Lake by T3G, on Flickr

49909897641_9c5f5f5576_z.jpgThe Meeting of Two Roads by T3G, on Flickr

49909897446_1e4ef93fbe_z.jpgThe Path Not Taken by T3G, on Flickr

49909377828_da5f89d963_z.jpgHidden Away by T3G, on Flickr

49909377478_654b22122f_z.jpgDesolation by T3G, on Flickr

49909377228_9bc9fbab2f_z.jpgPeeking Through the Mist by T3G, on Flickr

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