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Something I haven't really done in great numbers before is nature photography (that is, zeroing in on flora or fauna - I have been doing landscapes for a really long time), or shooting in manual. Thes

This little fella didn't make it. Maybe fell prey to a predator. Possibly another magpie or a raven. Mom and Dad magpie were perched on the fence cawing loudly mourning their offspring.

I have a daily visitor. He helps the birds clean up the bird food. First he jumps from the tree onto my bedroom window screen. Then he climbs to the top, turns around, climbs down and onto the balcony

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Green caterpillar things repelling down from trees. Litterally blankets of these things in places. After coming out of the trees.

Although I did crop the image in a bit, I was pretty impressed with the macro capabilites of the lens. Image was shot at F8, 200mm (320mm equivalent) and the bug was only an inch or two from my lens.

As well, some wildlife passing a few buses in Medicine Hat.




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