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I am not really sure where to put this, but a couple of months ago, at least 5 former OCTA 1995 D40LF's showed up in Calgary at the PWT / Red Arrow shops after operating for PWT in Ontario for awhile.

I found one of them wrapped for Glacier Skywalk with Brewster logos and such on it.. So now what I need to figure out is who owns this bus or buses, PWT? Brewster!? They sure seem more like Brewster owns them in my opinion but PWT could be doing the contract for it, but I kind of doubt that too...

Thanks to some help from another member, apparently this Glacier Skywalk is north of the Columbia Icefields and opens in May of this year. See attached images:

Also, more images and info on these in the following two links:





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And just for the record...

The walk is accessed via Brewster’s nearby icefield centre. Public parking at the Skywalk is closed, but the company will provide no-charge return-trip shuttles every 15 minutes from the centre to a free viewpoint or an interpretive walk and Skywalk platform which costs $24.95 for an adult $12.50 for a child. Children five and under are free.

Source: http://www.edmontonjournal.com/Four+things+know+about+Glacier+Skywalk/9784999/story.html

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I suspect the same thing.... Or PWT is leasing them to Brewster...

I heard rumours of PW trying to sell some after the Airport Contract. Perhaps this rumour could have been true? I heard rumours that some of them will be used for Porter which is now true.

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When I was at the Columbia Icefield on 8th May I saw two of the recently acquired New Flyers -

42 (ex-5254) - this one was parked up at the Icefield Centre and was not in use that day.

and 43 (ex- ??) - this one was in use on the shuttles.

see www.flickr.com/photos/chairmanchad/sets/72157644766917156/ for photos.

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