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Thank you for the pointers, and yes the u-haul has its advantages when you're on the lam from the ahs peace officers.  Just park it right next to the u-haul lot, perfect camouflage 

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It's possible in the future, perhaps a test vehicle or two. Corbeil replacement is close to being done. Last Corbeil I spotted on the road was 5086 and that was near the start of September. They probably have a multi year deal for the current buses. When it comes time to start replacing the current fleet, it could be anybodies guess.

The question ultimately would be is there an advantage with an Arboc in DATS service vs. a standard cutaway? In particular if there's a cost difference.

The next 3 year cycle for the capital budget starts in 2015 so that might provide some information during deliberations later on this year.

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I just remembered. When I was in the states on July 28th, I saw 5191-5193 being drove to Edmonton. The buses were spotted in Fargo, North Dakota. They were painted up in the DATS paint scheme.

My apologies, I saw 5190-5192 being delivered. Sorry if I caused confusion.

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Well this is just a bit of a thread bump.

New DATS buses are arriving.  Found 3 of them today while out and about.

5210, 5211, 5213.

They are on a Chevy/GMC chassis.  Not the easiest place to get pics at.  Interesting to note the wheelchair lift has been moved to the front of the bus instead of the rear.  Also interesting to note is the change in the livery color.  The blue is much darker and it's a silver stripe vs a grey.



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Hello awstott

Your flickr account has an excellent image of 5213.  Enlarging your image I noticed the word CRESTLINE.  Checking their recent deliveries section they show The City of Regina receiving vehicles similar to your image of 5213.  Your photography skills are second to none, camera equipment is fantastic, and your dedication documenting WB traffic on the Wainwright Sub is remarkable.  Keep up the good work, your images show quite a lot of detail and some are beyond excellent.

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On 12/25/2020 at 12:51 AM, Catherine Wilkins said:

After viewing the threads here ... stop by and read the threads at  CPTDB WIKI - LICENSE PLATES NEEDED

We're looking for the license plates on those ten (10) NEW DATS Buses that have just arrived from Saskatoon

Thank you everyone for helping make the  CPTDB WIKI - DATS Page  up to date and with information that's correct

You'll be looking for 45 license plates, not 10 according to my sources.

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16 hours ago, Benton Harper said:

Confirmed, 5210, 5211, 5214 and 5216 have been delivered


Nice dealer plate. Well done Benton :P

I'll throw in a 5214. Looks like Chevy 4500 gasoline chassis.


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