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Your earliest transit photograph


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I guess it would have to be in 2004 was when i started and i was using film back then... then after a couple months i gave up... fast forward to Summer of 2006, new cell phone and camera.. again fast forward to Dec. 21/07 that was the day i got my old point and shoot digital camera the Canon Powershot A80... and finally we move on to Fourth of July... to the Canon S5IS... and here are some pictures to show how skills have changed over the years...


^Old Canon Sureshot Max Film (C. 2004)


^Samsung SPH-A920 Cell Phone (C.2006)


^Canon Powershot A80 point and shoot (C.2007)


^Canon Powershot S5IS (one of the first pictures i took with it)

and now for something i took recently...


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I think my first photo was this:


HSR Orion V CNG 9113 was slammed by a car turning out of a parking lot while I was riding 9113. I guess this was the summer of 2006. I had gotten my first camera shortly before this was taken. 9113 was retired just over a year later, along with the rest of the Orion V's.

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I had taken some photos before this one however they were lost somehow. Personally I think they may have just sucked too much for me to justify keeping :lol: .

Here's the very first photo I took and still have. Taken in November of 2005.


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I'm about 99% sure this is the first photo I've taken:


7129 at Finch Station, in 2005 (when my camera's date was actually working).

I got in trouble for this, asked a driver beside her vehicle (right behind 7129) if I could take a picture and she told me 'that's not such a good idea' while half-hugging me... I ran off into the subway after that :lol:

It's still one of my all-time favourite shots, even after many many photographs.

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