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1 minute ago, Xtrazsteve said:

It could be the 352 reaching Pearson is consider a branch of 52???

Beat me to it!  There are a few headscratcher routes on this map mostly in the 905 agencies.  If this map is meant to identify cross-border routes running into Toronto, then there are a few routes in Mississauga that shouldn't be identified on the map.  If it's meant to show cross-border routes crossing ANY municipal boundary then it's missing a bunch of Brampton Transit routes.  The MiWay 8 CAWTHRA meets neither, so I don't know why it's shown.  The MiWay 38 CREDITVIEW just barely meets the criteria but is missing the southern portion of the route.

What's the short portion on Avenue Rd. north of Eglinton?  I can't imagine a high school tripper running from there all the way to Renforth Stn.

The DRT routes need some updating (service to McCowan and Centennial College), but hopefully their full service is restored quickly as things rebound from COVID.

By the time full inter-agency integration takes place, would it make sense for the TTC to turn over service on Rexdale Blvd. to MiWay and focus on improving frequencies on Islington, likely in conjunction with the Eglinton Line opening?  There's no provision for a bus loop which would make splitting the route problematic. 

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Was able to swing through Union Station today, there was no one in either of the collector booths on the south side of the station.  I did notice a stack of Ride Guides and Mini Ride Guides along with the Tourism Toronto city maps on the counter at the Information desk since they've removed the racks the maps used to sit in.  Both Ride Guides were the summer 2021 edition.  So it looks like they haven't printed the commemorative Ride Guides yet.  Perhaps waiting for the Spring or Summer edition?  What are the chances that they're holding off for the opening of the Eglinton Line?  The 150 EASTERN and 174 ONTARIO PLACE-EXHIBITION will be new routes on the map along with the seasonal return of 172 CHERRY BEACH and 175 BLUFFER'S PARK.  Not to mention routing changes to the 8 BROADVIEW and 65 PARLIAMENT among others planned for this year.

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On 4/7/2022 at 10:54 AM, ttc.transit said:

For other next board changes (May 8th, 2022) 

174 Ontario Place-Exhibition:

Northbound to Exhibition Loop: from Ontario Place bus stop via west and north on Remembrance Drive, east on Lake Shore Boulevard West, north on Strachan Avenue, west onto the streetcar right-of-way to Exhibition Loop.

Southbound to Ontario Place: from Exhibition Loop via east on streetcar right-of-way, south on Strachan Avenue, west on Lake Shore
Boulevard West, south on Ontario Place Boulevard, west on Remembrance Drive to Ontario Place bus stop.

175 Bluffer’s Park:

This route will have a divisional allocation change. It will be transferring from Birchmount to Eglinton Division.

My source is the TTC Service Planning and Scheduling sheet.


943 Kennedy Express and 968 Warden Express will be returning next board also.

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9 hours ago, ttc.transit said:

Found some new Ride Guides on 8427. They are Spring 2022 issued. Same front cover from the previous Summer 2021 maps.


If the cover hasn't changed for the Spring 2022 issue, I'm guessing they're banking on the Eglinton Line to open at some point this year and will use the Centennial cover to mark the occasion.  If it's running a few weeks late, they may just go ahead and include it on the map even if it isn't in service at the time of printing.

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