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Welcome to reality my friend. Doesn't hurt to own a 4 cyl car :lol: . In my opinion gas prices should be governed. I feel sorry for those who drives a 6 cyl, SUV etc.

Actually I drive a 6cyl car. It's not too bad on gas. I can drive to and from work and go out on a tank of gas every 1 1/2 - 2 weeks. At about 75-80 cents/litre costs me just about $45 or so to completley fill up my tank. Plus highway driving I can go on a non-stop trip about 700km before filling up again (as long as it's non-stop highway driving at normal highway speeds). My car is a 1996 model as well so it's not new new new with all those gas saving options either.

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Just pumped 73.5 at MacEwan in Hawkesbury. This is about standard with Ottawa gas prices according to ontariogasprices.com - cheapest gas can be found in Picton and Brockville right now.

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