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I saw US $1.65/gallon today in Los Angeles, California. I think that's about 53 Canadian cents per litre, although I could have made a mathematical error (not one of my strong points... :) )

My dad says that there is a difference between American Gallons and Canadian jGallons. I can't remember which one is smaller, but there's a 20% difference.

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Was walking to school this afternoon when I ran into the gas station of hell, and this is also my 666th post. :P


The Mr.Pioneer just about 67 feet down the road was 66.4. This is on Ogilvie Rd. & Blair Pl.

Point55. :P

When I'm in Ottawa, I always go to this Canadian Tire station. They're always 0.2¢ more than Pioneer.

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The cheapest gas in the St. Laurent area is always at that Ultramar on Hawthorne in Ottawa. It is always 2 cents cheaper then everywhere else in the area. It is also good from a Transit Fans perspective considering it is also at the same cross street you would take to get to Swansea. Even though lately Swansea isn't that interesting anymore.

Btw Ottawa's gas prices are almost always below the national average.

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