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Avg gas price in Cornwall 79.5 cents baby! My gas tank after driving the proposed Ontario Tripper 2008 charter routing was on E line almost, and I filled up my tank for 40 bucks! Ehlalalala...

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For "predictions" by Dan McTeague (Liberal MP and gas company watcher) which are usually right about tomorrow's gas price today, go to:


Unfortunately they don't come out until past 5pm by which point they're of less use to me. Also they only cover certain urban centres, although you always watch for the trend rather than the specific price predictions.

But if they are useful to you, there are a bunch of RSS feeds you can use to sign up for notifications.

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Lowest I've seen this morning is 83.9 cents at the Petro Canada near Beaulac and Cote-Vertu. Why the hell is our price still high than Ontario's?

They use the excuse the gas has to travel farther.

It's always higher than Ontario ALWAYS.

Average price across the board today was 84.4 as it was yesterday.

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Ontario Tripper 2008 - Gas prices in Cornwall were 73.5

Today I pumped for 77.9 because the gougers decided to raise the price to 88 cents! Insert several expletives here:_________________________________________ :)

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Recent Low - 71.2

Ultramar - Hwy 417 & Exit 88 (Vars/Embrun)

MacEwen - Hwy 417 & Exit 88 (Vars/Embrun)

Recent High - 79.9

Stinson - MacKay Street (Pembroke)

Petro-Canada - Pembroke Street W (Pembroke)

MacEwen - Mary Street (Pembroke)

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