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A friend of mine says the prices will go back up soon. He says the prices have been *high* for a while and sales plummeted. He says in order for the gas stations to stay in business, they had to start making more sales. He says the low prices are temporary, more of a 'clearance' sale than anything else.


That proves that they are making the prices up based on nothing!

I'm only partially shocked over this, but it just reconfirms what I knew all along.

Check what the price of gas was last time the barrel was at this price, it was a heck of a lot lower that it is now, that's for sure.

Oh where oh where is the electric car!

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Lowest in Montreal seen: 84.9

Trend: 85.4 - 87.4

Metro Quebec City: 91.4 - 92.4

Here in Saint-Hubert it's 83.4! However Petro-Canada has started to raise their prices to 94.4 and all other stations will follow by midnight :lol: .

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74.4 at Canadian Tire on Ogilvie.

Point55. :)

I put gas there two weeks ago at a more expensive price. Ottawa always has the cheapest gas. If oil keep going down again, I'm sure will see prices at 69.9 in Ottawa soon.

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