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And wholesale prices went down like 7 cents a litre this morning too.  I found it for 93.4 tonight on the way home still though.

Anywhere between $148.9 - $150.9 in Vancouver today. 

Premium is like 157 in Toronto right now.  @Ninja Bus Fan, it cost $160 to fill a Cayenne today. I was laughing the whole way after 120. 

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Tell us your gas price sightings. please include the name of the gas station and the street or intersection you saw the price

My sightings

134.9 Esso, Kendalwood/Dundas Whitby

99.9 Gas Plus, Central/ Grey, Saskatoon, SK.

I just don't understand how the oil companies justify the prising of oil. The west has all of the oil and yet the east has lower prices. This just does not make sence.

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