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BC Transit Fleet/General Notes

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14 hours ago, Express691 said:


Remaining older buses in BCT fleet to be replaced by 118 newer buses. No details on which brand/model will be purchased. 

It is implied that the replacement is for BC Transit buses, not TransLink.

10 long-range electric battery buses, 21 compressed natural gas buses, while Victoria and Kelowna will receive the majority of 19 new double-deckers and 63 light-duty gas and diesel buses. 


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2 hours ago, Express691 said:

So what about the other 8 deckers set aside for 50/61 upgrades? Is that included in the 19? Or does that bring the total to 27?

EDIT: JUST read the other thread, and calculated everything

Those 8 were ordered previously. 19 are on order. I can only assume those 8 deckers will be exclusively based out of Langford garage. 

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6 hours ago, Les Broughton said:

likely the rest of the decker order is replacements for 9001-9010 and 9507

I have heard that 8 are replacements and 21 are additional units (to be split between Victoria and Kelowna). But of course time will tell what transit really decides. 9001-9010 may last 23 years like some Flyers have... 

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BC Transit is charting our path towards a fully electric fleet. Key dates including: 
Target symbol: 2021 - First 10 electric buses join the BC Transit fleet in Victoria
Target symbol: 2023 – Transition to buy only electric heavy duty buses (the regular 40 foot buses) 
Target symbol: 2028 – Buy only electric buses in all classifications 
Target symbol: 2040 – Fully electric provincial bus fleet 



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14 hours ago, Thomasw said:

Heavy duty maintenance perhaps?

Though I thought I read that Victoria was gonna instal a CNG station so maybe it’s for testing.

Probably showing it to the mechanics. 

LANGFORD garage is getting a CNG fueling station (since FortisBC is on Langford Parkway, just a block away from Langford garage). Looks like the unit pictured is a Whistler unit. 

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