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Getting a brand new Camera!


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Excellent, get some good Fishbowl pictures. :) And with that zoom, you could go stake out the Strathcona County Transit garage.

mhmm! I took a couple photos of this bunny in my yard. Sorry for the blurry-ness but I had way to much caffeine in my blood yesterday. :P



Here is an example of the powerful zoom! (at night, and the digital zoom "noise" isn't as bad as I thought it would be)




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Nice bunny. How did your Heel 'N' Wheel-a-thon go?

Very good, but they ran out of my size of T-Shirt, and they also ran outta goody bags and waterbottles. LOL They always under order the stuff. Weather was ok, but there could have been more sun. :P

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Ah yes, boys and their toys eh? Strangely enough I'm having the same problem with my new toy I picked up today :)

If don't/can't answer no problem, but just wondering as to any idea of how much was raised for the Wheel a Thon (your dontations or the entire event)

We won't know total amount until probably 3 weeks from now since they collect donations for up to 3 weeks after.

Last year the Edmonton Area raised around $60,000 and Canada together raised $1,600,000. The goal for this year is $1.8 million.

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I was at Staples Business Depot today afternoon. While I was there I took a look at the A720 IS to see how big it is. It actually was smaller than I expected it to be. Electronics I look at on the Internet always look smaller in person to me, so this didn't surprise me that much. Unfortunately, they did not have a Canon G9 on display for me to see but I think it will be small enough for me to carry around. If it is not small enough I will just go with tbe A720 IS. I have almost given up trying to find a camera with zoom capabilities while filming a video as I have read that there are very few cameras with this feature.

After having no luck in finding a G9 on display at various stores (Staples, Zellers, Black's, Wal-Mart SuperStore & Real Canadian Superstore) I stopped by Best Buy today and finally got to see one on display and also try it out. It did look a bit bigger than I expected it to be. I did a comparison my current camera, the G9 is about thick as my current camera but the one thing I might have problems with is the width as it was a bit wider than my current camera. I got to try it out as well, I love where all the buttons are and it seems very easy to use. I am now stuck between the going for more MP and features with the G9 or going for a more compact, easy to carry around A720 IS. I'll have to think hard before purchasing one of them later this year. If I do go with the G9 and it is a bit to big to carry in my pocket I might consider getting a nice camera bag or pouch that wouldn't be much of a hassle carrying around every time.

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I'd say it's a "jacket pocket" camera rather than a "shirt pocket" camera.

Keep in mind that the larger size gives the G9 enough room to provide an improved control interface compared to smaller cameras. For example, it is one of very few compact cameras to have a physical ISO dial.

I myself have a G7 and it works great, It isn't to huge either. Only difference between it and the G7 is basically the G9 has more megapixels and RAW format and other little things that don't make a difference. I also have access to an S3 IS and it fairs quite well too.

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