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M. Parsons

Regina Transit

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Another ex CATS Nova up for auction https://wwww.mcdougallbay.com/bid.php?arg=F8909E0E-013A-48BB-BB92-C44C097E33CF

1999 Regina LFS #802, ex CATS bus #849

why don't they just leave all the parts on? It starts up, and is drivable, but they took some parts out. I hope someone buys it, and puts it to good use. I'm sure they still have the parts they pointlessly ripped out.

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On 5/24/2017 at 9:06 PM, Silly Tilley said:

Grande West posted 2 images of Regina's Vicinity buses on their twitter feed. I believe they are getting 3, perhaps numbered 708-710 after the Eldorados. Interesting combination with the front plug door and 2 piece rear door.

I saw in a youtube Video that the Grande West Vicinities are in service.

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