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Saskatoon Updates


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Highlight of my trip was riding 576. I likely rode this bus 25 years ago when it was brand new as we moved from Regina in 1990.


Classic par Andrew Stott, on ipernity

And another shot of 9511.


Ex West Vancouver par Andrew Stott, on ipernity

Still processing my photos so check my flickr or ipernity accounts if you want to see more.

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1504 and 1507 in service today! Rode 1504 shortly, noted following:

-quite jerky

-possible driver controlled rear doors

-safety expires in October 2014.

-farebox was not working, so driver was creative:


Sorry about the quality...



Wiki to be edited shortly...

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1508 entered service today running route 60 Confederation.

Edit: new route just popped up in Saskatoon in the past few days...


Route 200 City Centre/University.

Bus tracker lists a few new routes, including 305, 310, and 358. All school/special routes.

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I dunno - we rode 1402 when were there and it was having major transmission issues. It's only a year old.....

To say nothing of the West Van unit we rode, sure, it's much older, but Classic's were running much better than that beast. It was a fun ride though. No, I'd actually liken these Nova's as allowing Saskatoon to keep their head above water

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I saw it on Thursday running route 5. I got a few nice photos of it:


She looked really good in the sunlight.

She's the last LEAF scheme bus to still be operating. 431 has been parked since January, and is probably toast. One of the last buses to still operate with bulb taillights too.

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