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Pictures for 2008.09.09

Taken from Link Train platform at Terminal 3


My new desktop background - also taken from Link Train platform at Terminal 3


Videos for 2008.09.09

- Link Train from Viscount Rd. to Terminal 1, please rate this video.
- Air Canada Boeing 777 taking off #1
- Air Canada Boeing 767 First Plane
- Air Canada Boeing 767 Second Plane
- Air Canada Airbus 321
- Last one of the day Air Canada Boeing 777

Pictures for 2008.09.10


cimg1753ec3.jpg - FIUV with a odd color nose cone.








Videos for 2008.09.10

- Delta Airlines takeoff from Runway 33R
- AC B777 taking off from Runway 33R, this is my 100th Video on Youtube.
- Air Canada B767 taking off from 33R, power up while turning.
- Delta Airlines B737 at Runway 33R
- Air Jamaica A321 flying down the runway.
- Air Canada B777 taking off Runway 5, TURN UP THE VOLUME!
- First of two Air Canada A330's rotating on Runway 5.
- WestJet Boeing 737 rotating from Runway 5.
- Symphony of Voices, Air Canada A320, soars over head after rotating from Rwy 5.
- Lufthansa Airbus 340, rocketing into the sky, sorry for the sun blinding.
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Hmm a 732... I wonder how the Liberals are going to claim that it fits with the green shift... Maybe they'll say that while it is less fuel efficient they are saving resources in the end by keeping an older plane flying so that no new plane needs to be built to replace it.

Nice Catch

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Various shots in Vancouver

Air Canada Boeing 777-233LR - C-FIUJ (Fin no. 703) heading back to Toronto as AC34 at the early morning~~


Gold nose at British Airways Boeing 747-436 - G-BNLD on approach at runway 26 Right in Vancouver International Airport~~


Filipino's reg. - Philipine Airlines A340-313X on approach at YVR (RP-C3430)


Singapore Airlines Boeing 777-212ER arriving YVR from Seoul-Incheon (Reg: 9V-SVO)


These 2 shots, we're no longer to see them in YVR since today~~



My last shot of Zoom Airlines in YVR



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Pictures are from Sunday, October 26th, 2008

Went plane spotting with 2153 while waiting for my parents plane to come in for landing, which was KLM691 from Amsterdam!

All from Runway 23

Heavy rain showers; yet ATC was still letting planes takeoff and land. I got soaked from head to toe, but it was worth it! :D


Raining so hard, visibility was very bad... this is why always IFR (Instrument Flight Rules)


C-FNAJ Embraer 190


United Airlines Boeing 737, holding short for along long time; can't seem to get the registration numbers too far.


C-FITU, :) What a wonderful surprise! Pride of the fleet and going to give us a show!


Shortly C-FITU taking off, C-FIUA comes in for a picture perfect landing. :ph34r:


C-GHOZ Boeing 767-300ER applies alittle more power crossing the threshold!


Something different.... Mexicana Airbus A319 holding short of Runway 23


C-GHLK outside Air Canada Hanger


Special Visitor El Al Israel Airlines


Youtube videos coming very soon!

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Yesterday, I discovered some more planespotting areas around LAX -- now if I can only find out where and when the Qantas A380 lands, I'm set. :P

The runway that it uses depends on the winds. You should buy an airband scanner to make it easier to find it.

You can find the frequencies here:


As for the A380 schedules:


The A380 arrives from Melbourne on Mondays at 7:30AM and departs at 11:15PM (don't get it confused with AM), which means that it stays on the ground at LAX for the entire day.

The A380 arrives from Sydney on Fridays at 9:50AM and departs at at 10:30PM, which means that it also stays on the ground at LAX for that entire day.

Hope that helps! :P

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The moment you have all been waiting for........

Please take the time to rate the videos!

Peter Nygård Boeing 727-200ADV *Rare* landing

Air Canada Airbus A319 C-FZUG

Air Canada C-FITU Boeing 777-300ER - Must watch in HQ

Austrian - Star Alliance - Boeing 767-300 Landing

British Airways Boeing 777 landing

Air Canada Boeing 767 on wet runway

Air Canada Airbus A340-313X Landing Lastone! Must watch in HQ

Air Canada - Star Alliance - Boeing 767-300 - C-FMWY

Northwest Airlines (NWA) - DC9 takeoff

KLM Boeing 747-400 - KL691 from Amsterdam

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Photos taken on October 13, 2008 at the Pearson International Airport:


This one looks like a private jet. Anyone know more about this guy?

That Boeing 737-500 belongs to a Charter Company called "Pacific Sky Aviation" they are based in North Saanich, BC.

The plane was delivered on 2007-11-09


You might as well submit that photo to Airliners.net, because "C-FPHS" is not found.

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