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Nice pictures!

Too bad it's difficult to spot at YYZ without a car to get around...

Gotta love Imperial hill at LAX, such amazing views from there!

Take a bus to FedEx hill and spot there all day. The same at Airport Road across the Wendy's.

I have over thousands of photos. Here I post some neat ones taken at YVR. If you would like to see my other photos, please PM me and I'll show you where I upload my photos.











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I love the 747. The size of it is amazing!! The ones which are built as freighters (not converted from pax versions) have the ability to load large cargo by opening the nose. You can see where it opens in the 3rd pic, ahead of the pitot probes.

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Nice pictures, that looks like a great spotting location.

Thx very much, apparently the spotting area for my pic used to be a good place for take the pic on landing, but unforuntely it's currently have the construction of Canada Line~~

By the way, the following pics I taken on last week at South Terminal in YVR during take off~~








Bonus, Air China's Beijing 2008 Olympic scheme's A330-243 - B-6075 @ YVR





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Avis lot, Templeton St, South Terminal parking lot, staff parking lot behind RCMP Building.

Excellent guide here:


Templeton St used to be the good spotting area on approach shots, but it's no longer as the good area for it due to the construction of Canada Line~~

Staff Parking lot behind RCMP building is good for early morning only, the rest of the day would be worst unless the cloudy day~~

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Thank you! It is possible that I take plane photos with my little DC

Yes. But most "point and shoot" cameras are usually too slow to catch the fast moving airplanes.

At Avis parking lot, you can catch the slower moving planes leaving/arriving US Departure gates, planes landing / taking off from north runway.

At South Terminal parking lot, you are up close to the commuter traffic (B1900D, SF340 etc.) and business traffic. This summer Air North park their fishing charter planes (two HS748 and one B732) there too.

Check out the guide on Contrail Aviation Photography.

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Which Airline is this guy? Caught him the skies in Calgary, Alberta this evening... Looks like there used to be a logo of some sort on the tail..

flyGlobespan G-CDPT Boeing 767-319ER LGW-YYC-YVR-LGW

This aircraft is in basic flyGlobespan colour but the tail is in Air India red as it was returned from Air India.

This photo taken on May 22, 2008 at YVR


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